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    In this assignment, you will find and critique virtual infor

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    In this assignment, you will find and critique virtual information and word processing skills to create a professional-looking document that promotes personal development or financial growth and maturity.

    Search the Internet for information on a topic that interests you and that offers information on money management, personal health and safety, or parenting. Note the URL's where you find your material, as you will need to reference the information.

    When you are done searching, highlight (left click & drag cursor) the text from the article or source being displayed in your browser. Then while the text is still highlighted, right click and select Copy.
    Next, open Microsoft Word and paste the information (Edit/Paste) on the page. Manipulate the information to suit your purpose. Play with Font, style, and size.
    Scroll further down your Word document below the inserted text from the article, and write your Summary about the content of the article that you selected.
    Add a page border (Format/Borders & Shading/Page).
    Use any Word features you can to make a nicely presented, effective document that presents useful information.
    In a footer position (View/Header-Footer), type in the URL information to give credit to the information source).

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    Values and Morals Clarification

    The final thing you will benefit from becoming more aware of is your own values and how those values correspond to your community's moral sensibilities, and to your own actions. Your values are the principles you believe in and have invested in (which is why they are said to have "value" in the first place). Values are the goals towards which you aspire. They largely define the core of your identity. More importantly still, they are the source of your motivation to improve yourself. If you did not value self-improvement, for example, you would not be reading this document right now.

    It is important to develop a good understanding of your values, because of how influential your values are in determining and motivating your behavior. If you don't understand your values, you won't understand how to orient yourself in a direction that is likely to be satisfying. Your behavior, your actions will be more oriented towards putting out fires (satisfying your immediate needs), and less oriented towards developing your long term potential. You won't have a plan. You will instead, just be reactive. Because if you don't understand what they are you don't know what motivates you. Or what could motivate you - ...

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