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ClickOnce Deployment

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ClickOnce is a new deployment technology for the .NET 2005 development platform. Precisely what is ClickOnce? What obstacle does it overcome and how? Provide an example of how you might use this technology.

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ClickOnce deployment is available only in Visual Studio 2005 and only for Windows applications.

ClickOnce reduces the time and effort required to deploy Windows applications across a network. Rather than distribute a separate executable to each individual hard drive, ClickOnce places the executable on a common Web page, from which all users can launch it. As part of the launch process, a copy is retrieved to the user's hard drive that can be used to re-launch the application locally. However, this local copy regularly checks the source executable on the Web page for updates.

Updates to the Windows application can be re-published to the Web server, and the newer application files are then available to ...