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Create an Access Database

This database file must be saved as a zip file Professional Litigation User Services (PLUS) is a company that creates all types of visual aids for judicial proceedings. Clients are usually private law firms, although the District Attorney's office has occasionally contracted for its services. PLUS creates graphs, maps, timeta

Windows Applications

Your assignment is to organize a charity event. You can be as creative as you want here. Here are conditions of your assignment: 1. You must use at least two programs, one of which must be a Windows program such as Word, WordPad, or Paint. 2. Describe the specifics of the event including date, time, location, charity event, a

Naptster and its legal battles

Do a Web search for stories about Napster and its legal battles at Why has the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) filed its lawsuit? How is this different from making a VHS copy of a movie or TV show with your VCR? What legitimate uses of Napster's file sharing abilities can you come up wi

1024-byte packet a 128-byte header and a 4-byte checksum

Suppose a network transmits 1024-byte packets containing a 128-byte header and a 4-byte checksum. If a workstation on the network is guaranteed to be able to transmit at least one packet every x time units, (1) what maximum amount of time, as a function of x, should be required (based on these factors) to transfer a 3MB file

Create a sample spreadsheet that depicts a household budget.

You do not need to put in personal information or actual values if you do not wish, but you must include some data for each of the various categories and income and expense line items. Content and Format Requirements 1. This spreadsheet should be divided into categories such as Income and Expenses. Within each of these cate

Create E-R diagram

(See attached file for full problem description) --- Using the script file below to create an E-R diagram of the entities, attributes and relationship. # use the "my_database" database USE my_database; # create a table called "items" with 3 records CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS items ( id INT PRIMARY KEY, ve

Explain: DTD's in XML

Please discuss the following question: Describe how you would create and declare DTD's in XML.

Using Unix alias to emulate DoS commands

Assume you are an experienced DOS programmer and you want to write UNIX shell scripts using DOS commands. Use the alias command so you can type the follow DOS commands and perform UNIX functions: a. Clear screen (cls) b. Directory (dir) c. print out the contents of a file (type) d. Make a directory (md) e. Change director

Microsoft Excel

13. A new workbook will initially contain only three worksheets; more can be added later if needed. 14. If you inadvertently delete a worksheet, you can restore it by clicking the Undo button 15. You can move and copy worksheets to another workbook only if that workbook is open? 16. If a range of sheets is referenced in a for

Microsoft Excel

True or false questions 1. All functions use a range of cells for the argument. There are no single cell referenced formulas? 2. When Excel calculates averages, blank cells or cells containing text are ignored? 3. The NOW function can be used to display the current date, time, or a combination of the two in several differen

ASP Page

Create an ASP page. Please add comments and attach the documentation for the code.

ASP.NET application

Create an ASP.NET application using Visual Studio .NET 2003. Your application should includfe at least one web form and five different types of controls. Feel free to create more than one instance of the same type. Also, you must change at least two properties of each instance on your form. Make sure to comment your application

Using VBA in Exel Open and Close an .XLS file (and Process)

Attached Word document (Word2000) appears to successfully open and close an Excel file. BUT the Excel process is still there. [The Excel process goes away after I close the Word document] I may not be 'fully closing' Excel...I would not think I would have to execute any 'special code' to close the process, and assume my VBA


1. Since Napster is going out of business, you have decided to start your own on-line music sharing site. You will provide individual music files at your site. Each music file is obtained from a recording company and includes an artist, title, recording date, and length of recording. Customers to your site can obtain recordings

Database & Sequential File Processing

I need to know the best way to answer these questions. I've read the chapters and am clueless to computers. Please provide examples. The book looks like jargon. Thanks. 1. Sequential File Processing: Give a brief definition of sequential file processing. Develop an example to illustrate your definition. (The ex

Enhance the Payments Database

Professional Litigation User Services (PLUS) creates all types of visual aids for judicial proceedings. Raj Jawahir is working with the Payments database to track and analyze the payment history of PLUS clients. He again needs your help. He would like you to enhance the Payments database by completing the following: Make a co

Flowchart help

I have to put this progam Hangman into a form of a flowchart. Any ideas will be greatly helpful. I have MS visio but can figure it out. See attach file for the program.

User Defined Functions: Example Problem

You receive a file that contains female and male student GPA's for certain courses. Due to confidentiality, the letter code f is used for female students and m for male students. Every file entry consists of a letter code followed by a GPA. Each line has one entry. The number of entries in the file is unknown. Write a progra

Files and Streams

People from three different income levels, A, B, and C, rated each of two different products with a number 0 through 10. Construct a file in which each line contains the income level and product rankings for one respondent. Then write a program tht reads this information and calculates the following: a. for each income bracke

JAVA I/O, Write program from scratch

Write a Java program to practice the use of Java file I/O. Class methods are needed to break up solution in smaller parts. Program will read several series of heart rates from a file, compute min, max, & fitness quotient for each series, and output the input data and computed info in an HTML document. The following 3 files are

Access is given.

Database file to keep track of employee information. Please see attachment for questions.


Please find the attached and give me your idea about the attached database, (since I can not attach access file, please change the file extension to database.mdb when open) *Very brief explanation is fine** (a) What's wrong with the way in which this database has been designed? (b) What's missing? (c) What mistakes did

Query Question

Hi, I like to make changes to the attached database based on the question (queryquestion.doc). Since I can not attach the access file, please change the name database.xls to databse.mdb when open the file.. If possible, I would like ask - OTA#101620 Kind Regards,


Please see attached. I need to import the data in Excel to the table in Access. There are 6 tables in Access (Contacts, Customer, Orders, Products, SalesRep and Territories) and I also created 6 sheets in Excel for the data for table. But for some reason i can not import the data in to Access. (Since I can not attach Acces

Write a simple program

Write a program to: prompt the user for a file name and open the file for reading. Print out all the information in the file, numbering each new line of text. Language is C Basic