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Sequential File access - Advantages and Disadvantages

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Explain what a sequential access file is. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using sequential access data files?

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Explanation of sequential file access and the advantages and disadvantages of using sequential access data files.

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Sequential file access refers to one of the method of retrieving information from a computer file. Once a file has been opened data can be read from the beginning and progressively until the end of the file is reached, or it can be read randomly from any position in the file. The former is known as sequential file access, while the latter is known as random file access. In earlier days most disk resident files were read sequentially because of the very nature of the medium data was stored. For example, a tape drive, which is still used as an effective large data backup device, can only store data sequentially. On the other hand, a floppy or a CD/DVD can be read randomly.

The advantages and disadvantages of a sequential file:
With a sequential file, all records ...

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