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Palindrome Using BufferedReader

Write a program that reads in strings of characters and determines if each string is a palindrome. Each string appears on a separate input line. Echo-print each string, followed by " Is a palindrome" if the string is a palindrome or "Is not a palindrome" if the stringis not a palindrome. For example, given the input string Able was, I ere I saw Elba. The program should print "Is a palindrome." In detemining whether a string is a palindrome, consider uppercase and lower case letters to be the same and ignore punctuation characters and spares. The input file that you will be reading palindromes from is called "pals.txt". Look for methods like replace (), to lowerCase, to UpperCase,..etc. Write the output ( the string and if is a palindrome) to a file called "palsout.txt". Each line of text in the file pals.txt will contain a palindrome to test for. You can only use the BufferedReader class and not the Scanner class. Please examine the attachment, this is as far as I got, however I am able to compile but when executing I get and error. Please select palindrome files to save in the pals.txt file.


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