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CPP: Calculating Growth Rate, Population, and Death Rate

If P is the population on the first day of the year, B is the birth rate, and D is the death rate, the estimated population at the end of the year is given by the formula: P + (B * P)/100 - (D * P)/100 The population growth rate is given by the formula: B - D Write a program that prompts the user to enter the sta

Counting Words in C

Write a program to prompt a user for a file name. Count: the number of characters in the file (letters or numbers) the number of words in the file the number of lines in the file Print out your results on the screen.

How to copy a floppy disk?

How do you make 10 duplicates of one floppy disk. What two methods can be used and which is the best method?

Program for Displaying Ratios

I have data that contains a list of colleges with their student enrollments and faculty sizes. I am asked to write a program to display the names of the colleges and their student/faculty ratios, and the ratio for the total collection of students and faculty. Assume that the data for the colleges are stored in a text file. Here

Creating a UNIX text file

Complete the following steps in UNIX 1. Click on Terminal Program 2. Create a directory called class 3. Move into that directory 4. Create a text file, that contains what is your absolute path, relative path and call it paths.txt 5. Save the txt file and send to me

Explain which Windows Server 2003 fault-tolerant feature they should use to protect their desktop settings, applications, and data files, and explain how it provides this protection.

A. On your network, all network administrators upgraded their machines to Windows XP Professional, and a Windows Server 2003 server with an enormous amount of disk space is available for their use. Explain which Windows Server 2003 fault-tolerant feature they should use to protect their desktop settings, applications, and

Equivalence Class Partitioning and Boundary Value Analysis

Hi, I need assistance in the following problem please. Many functions have an almost infinite number of input values. Testing all of these values is not possible in most cases, and doesn't necessarily tell us more than testing a few values. How do you choose the best values to test? Equivalence class partitioning can be used

Mollett.3-7 Script in KNOPPIX 4.0

I need to create the script below and name it Mollett.3-7 It is also attatched in a word file too. This set of directions in Project 3-7 script produces some kind of expected output by creating this script called Mollett.3-7 Set a variable named "x" to 10 Set a variable named "y" to 100 Display the result of dividing "y"

Sequential files

Can you help with the following study question. Thanks In spite of the fact that sequential files lack direct (targeted) addressing of each of the records and fields (e.g., you cannot easily read/replace the only record with the number 28 from 50 records in the file), they are the most widely used. Why? Is their mode of opera

Unix Command Directory

1 Make a directory in your home directory called your last name (ie. boyle) 2. Create a directory within "your last name" called BLACKSBURG. Do this from your home directory 3. Change to the "your last name" directory. 4. Create a directory within "your last name" called HAMPTON 5. Create directories TIDEWATER and HO

Briefly answer the questions related to I/O redirections in Bourne shell.

1. Will the following only print the text "I FOUND A MATCH" to standard output when the grep is successful? if grep "mrichard" /etc/passwd; then echo "I FOUND A MATCH"; fi 2. Does the following command send both standard output and standard error to the same file for the command cmd1? cmd1 2>&1 >outfile 3. Do

Give brief answers for the given Bourne and C shell questions.

Give brief answers for the following questions. 1. Can an until loop sometimes never execute? 2. Will the following script execute with no errors? #!/bin/csh for I do echo $I done 3. Does the following script print to standard output, a list of numbers equal to the number passed on the com

Write a Bourne Again shell (Bash) script to send a customized mail message to the users listed on the command line by login (user) name, only if they are currently logged on.

Write a shell script to send a customized mail message to the users listed on the command line by login (user) name, only if they are currently logged on. If no users are listed on the command line, an error message should be printed. In the mail message, the full (real) name from the passwd file (/etc/passwd) should be used.

Shell scripting

How would I write a shell script, change-lines, which will substitute a string for a replacement string for each occurance of the string in files specified? The original file will be saved, with the same filename with the .keep extension unless the -n option is present. I don't mind using temporary file for this script. The

Shell Scripting

How would I write a shell script to locate executable files? This script takes a list of file names from the command line and determines which would be executed had these names been given as commands. The search path should be based only on the user's PATH environment variable. I don't want to use use the Unix which comman

What is the correct subnet mask for the network?

Your company is assigned the network address You need to create seven subnets on the network. A router on one of the subnets will connect the network to the Internet. All computers on the network will need access to the Internet. What is the correct subnet mask for the network? a. b. c. 255.255

Modify the Inventory Program in Java

- Modify the Inventory Program to include an Add button, a Delete button, and a Modify button on the GUI. These buttons should allow the user to perform the corresponding actions on the item name, the number of units in stock, and the price of each unit. An item added to the inventory should have an item number one more than the

Price Discrimination

For your convenience, I have attached a formatted MS Word file containing information on the subject of price discrimination, and the conditions under which price discrimination becomes unlawful. I have also also added reference sources to this posting which might prove useful in helping to increase your understanding of the fe

This posting contains a formatted MS Word file, which contains information on a buyer's perception of product and pricing, including value consciousness, price consciousness, and prestige sensitivity.

Buyer's perceptions of a product and its price are an important influence on pricing. Value consciousness, price consciousness, and prestige sensitivity are three ways of describing these perceptions. Discuss how these characteristics influence the buying decision for one of the following products: a new house, an airline ticket

Forensics - P2P network crimes

Do some research on peer-to-peer networks (e.g., you may search "crime activity peer to peer networks", "crime activity P2P", "pornography P2P", "child pornography peer to peer network", etc.). What kind of network crimes may use P2P networks? Find the most challenging crimes that could be based on P2P networks and write a repor

ERD design

Please assist me on designing the ERD from the file attached. Any help will be very much appreciated.

Domain/Key Normal Form

Need help transforming 2 relations into Domain/Key Normal Form. See attached file for full problem description.

Complete New SQL Database

To be used with SQL Server 2005 Express Create a database and name it ITD_GPA. Populate your database with appropriate test data. - Include all of the scripts in a single file called ITD_GPA.SQL - Create at least three related tables in the database. - Create at least two stored procedures and a script to use each of t

Java: Palindrome Using BufferedReader

Write a program that reads in strings of characters and determines if each string is a palindrome. Each string appears on a separate input line. Echo-print each string, followed by " Is a palindrome" if the string is a palindrome or "Is not a palindrome" if the stringis not a palindrome. For example, given the input string Ab

Create Views for ITD640_A database

Please help with the following problem. Using the sample database, write the scripts in a file to create the following views. Include a USES clause at the top of the script file to use the following database. Also include code that checks if the view already exists. If it does, it should be dropped and recreated. 1. Creat

Writing a Query in MS Access

Please see attached file and using LAST_NAME and FIRST NAME in Table_1 to find the matching order_number and pp_number in Table_2 and Table_3. The query should write in such as (sql) SELECT what columns FROM WHAT tables WHERE something or INNER JOIN. The query should run to get the result. When you finish please attach the mdb f

Programming and Coding JS, HTML and MDB Files

Attached are feedback.html, feedbvalidate.js, and eisdb.mdb. Improve the form so that when submitted the fields are checked for input but only complete validation against the email address field is required. Currently an error message arise regardless of what the user does - this should not happen. The user should be able to

Shell Scripting in Knoppix

I am trying to create a script in Knoppix 4.02 (KDE or Kwrite or Kate) based on the following requirements below. I want to create a prompt that will: · Request user specific name · I want Linux to compare it to an established name(Esther) · I want the Linux to find the user specified name or Es