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Complete New SQL Database

To be used with SQL Server 2005 Express Create a database and name it ITD_GPA. Populate your database with appropriate test data. - Include all of the scripts in a single file called ITD_GPA.SQL - Create at least three related tables in the database. - Create at least two stored procedures and a script to use each of t

Java: Palindrome Using BufferedReader

Write a program that reads in strings of characters and determines if each string is a palindrome. Each string appears on a separate input line. Echo-print each string, followed by " Is a palindrome" if the string is a palindrome or "Is not a palindrome" if the stringis not a palindrome. For example, given the input string Ab

Create Views for ITD640_A database

Please help with the following problem. Using the sample database, write the scripts in a file to create the following views. Include a USES clause at the top of the script file to use the following database. Also include code that checks if the view already exists. If it does, it should be dropped and recreated. 1. Creat

Shell Scripting in Knoppix

I am trying to create a script in Knoppix 4.02 (KDE or Kwrite or Kate) based on the following requirements below. I want to create a prompt that will: · Request user specific name · I want Linux to compare it to an established name(Esther) · I want the Linux to find the user specified name or Es

Tax Calculation Program for multiple Stores

I need two separate codes for each request. Thanks. #include <stdio.h> /*Using define macros for assigning tax to different stores */ #define DelMar 7.25 #define Encinitas 7.5 #define LaJolla 7.75 /* Input: ? Del Mar - 7.25% ? Encinitas - 7.5% ? La Jolla - 7.75% Output: The sales tax amount for each store

Effective Web Design

I just need suggestions for this scenario. I need to insure that I have the basic skills necessary for designing a web page. Using all of the resources at my disposal, I need to determine what the most effective method for uploading a group of files is. After learning how to utilize the method I've chosen, I have to give deta

An applet file that prompts the user for an ID number and an age.

I need to write an applet file that prompts the user for an ID number and an age. Create an Exception class and throw an Exception of that class if the ID is not in the range of valid ID numbers (zero through 899), or if the age is not in the range of valid ages (0 through 89). Catch the Exception and then display an appropriate

Automata and Computability

An undirected graph is bipartite if its nodes may divided into two sets so that all edges go from a node in one set to a node in the other set. Show that a graph is bipartite if and only if it doesn't contain a cycle that has an odd number of nodes. See attached file for full problem description.

P2P file-sharing services

List five companies that provide P2P file-sharing services. For each company, what kind of files (that is, content) do they handle?

Some Important Computer Programming Questions

1) A(n) ______ is a short on-screen note associated with the object to which a user is pointing A) maximize button(B) dialog box (C) icon (D) Tooltip 2) In windox XP, the ____ is used to create a new user change or remove and existing user, and change user information. A) Desk top (B) control panel (C) my document window (

Hierarchical Decomposition

What are some advantages of hierarchical decomposition of programs into modules. See attached file for full problem description.

Attack of the Mobile Viruses

Attack of the Mobile Virusues The spread of the mobile viruses has been slow because the mobile devices lack a prevalent OS like PCs and Windows. As mobile communications become more prevalent, so does the onslaught of viruses. What are the ways a device can become infected and how to prevent it?

Sql Server 2005 Express

I am having trouble creating A View in SQL Server 2005 using the following table. I have selected subscriber_id and magazine_id, but I cannot create the correct code to complete the view. See attached file for full problem description.

Finishing the code for this SalesPersonDemo project

Need help finishing the code for this SalesPersonDemo project. This project has to be completed by tomorrow. This is a final project and I am totally lost as to how to code this properly. Attached is the file I started coding but got lost. I have make notes as to were the SalesSpeech method is and the MakeSale() method in the at

Flat-file database

What are some of the key differences between a flat file and a relational database? Which of the two storage methods do you think is most useful in a real-world application?

Windows XP Questions on Copying files and Miscellaneous

I have a couple questions: 1.Which of the following is a method for copying a file or folder? -Press[Ctrl], then drag the folder or file -Drag the folder or file on the same disk drive -Double click the folder or file -Left click the folder or file, then Copy 2.Which of the following locations is not a valid plac

Shell script I/O manipulation

I need to send output from a shell script to a file called "invoice.tmp" I can't figure out the correct language to use. I'm using bash as my shell. ? > invoice.tmp Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance

Oracle9i Database

1. Create a user named VICTOR who can create tables, views, indexes, and can grant object privileges to other users on any object that he creates. Save your work as a .sql file.

Oracle9i Database

1. You have three new consultants arriving to work for your company as database programmers. You want them to be able to create tables in the USER_AUTO tablespace that use up to a maximum of 10 M of space each. In addition, you want them to change their passwords every week, and you want the system to log them off the databas

Error Handling: Visual Studio Project

Create a Visual Studio 2005 project with two aspx forms. The form contains a Label control, two TextBox controls, and Button controls labeled "Add," "Subtract," "Multiply," and "Divide." The Label control contains the text, "Enter numbers in the text boxes and then click a button." Use Try...Catch blocks to display an error mess

Oracle9i Database

7. Write and execute a query that lists users whose passwords have expired or whole accounts are locked. Sort the users by create date (most recent date to oldest date). Save the script in a file.

Oracle9i Database

The newspaper had added a special deal for the classified ads online. For a small fee, the words "BEST BUY" are added to the text of the ad, and these ads are listed on a special "Best Buy" page online. The online classified section has a query to bring up all the ads that qualify, but it runs very slowly. Here is the query.

Assessing the Oracle9i Database

Recall that you created this table for Global Globe's employees: CREATE TABLE EMPLOYEE (EMPLOYEE_ID NUMBER(10), JOB_TITLE VARCHAR2(45), first_name varchar2(40), Last_name varchar2(40), phone_number Varchar2(20)); Start with this CREATE TABLE command, and modify it to create a new range_partitioned table named CH07EMPLOY

Oracle9i Database

4. Study Figure 5-11, and list all the initialization parameters with the values you can determine from the figure. Write the CREATE DATABASE command for this database. Assume the name of the database is CHAP5. Save the initialization parameters and the CREATE DATABASE command in a file named ho0504.sql.


1. What might cause the loss of one control file? What might cause the loss of all control files? 2. Compare and contrast multiplexing of control files and redo log files. 3. Why should a business have its database in ARCHIVELOG mode?