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Demonstration of several unix commands

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Using UNIX
Please explain how to do the following:

1. Create a directory called class.

2. Move into that directory directory.

3. Create a text file, that contains what is your absolute path, relative path and call it paths.txt

4.Create a sub directory called your name under the class directory.

5. Create a file called my.dat with your favorite quote.

6. Rename the file to my.txt

7. Delete the file.

8. Delete the directory

9. Show the current directory using the pwd command.

10. List the date and time.

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For each of the ten items listed in the problem I will explain the command that is used to accomplish the task and then show the command as it would be typed from the command line. The prompt for each command will be >.

To create a directory in UNIX you use the "mkdir" command.

> mkdir class

To move into a directory ...

Solution Summary

In this solution I demonstrate how to use several unix commands to create directories, change directories, and remove directories. I also show a simple way to create a file and view the current path information.

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