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    Java Programming deploying Inheritance

    Define a class named Document that contains an instance variable of type String named text that stores any textual content for the document. Create a method named toString that returns the text field and also include a method to set this value. Next, define a class for Email that is derived from Document and includes member v

    VB 08 - Three Web Forms

    Create an MS Access database called MemberLedger.mdb. Add a table called Members with the following columns. (Already done, see attachment). For clarification, the instructions for the assignment require the creation of the MemberLedger.mdb database. The database should be created and saved as an Access 2007 database with the

    Unix shell script: text file with most occurrences of string

    Create a Unix shell script that searches for a text file with most occurrences of a given keyword. For instance, if I would like to search for a script with most usages of if statement, I would execute: find_most_relevant.sh /home/student/myscripts if The script find_most_relevant.sh should take two arguments. The fir

    Network Protocols: Example Question

    During a meeting, the client asked your team to describe the following: 1. TCP sliding window. Enumerate the applications that use TCP and the ones that use UDP and the reasons that they use one or the other. Delivery 2-4 paragraphs.

    List files in a directory using a Shell Script

    I'm trying to create a shell script that will list files in a directory. Here are the other requirements: -The files must be listed in sorted order by the file name. -By default, the program displays only file names. -By default, the program lists the files in the current directory. The program must provide the followin

    Compiler Construct Projects

    Compiler Construct In the first part of the project, you need implement a simple lexical analyzer using C++ 1. Input is a text file with source code in it. 2. Space, tab, new line and comment (/* .... */) should be ignored by the lexical analyzer 3. The lexical analyzer should be able to identify a) Integer literals,

    Listing Current Directory Entries using Bash

    Write a Bash shell script that will: + use as its input the current directory from which it is run + print the count and the name of the file, for each file + assign and print either "[DIR]", "[FIL]", or "[UNK]" for each file, based on the file's type + have the output of the general form: [TYP] : count : file_name

    Knoppix commands to accomplish requested sequence of steps

    1. In your home directory, create the directory "POS301". 2. Change into the new directory. 3. Obtain into the file week1 the current date and time. 4. Add a blank line to the file. 5. Append to the file, using the date command piped through the cut command, the date in the format "Day Mon dd yyyy" (example: Mon Aug 10 2009

    WAN Example Problem

    1. Why would a company want a network on its premises? How would a department or company benefit by having a network? 2. Give a real-world example of how Peer-to-Peer network relationships could be utilized in a communications network. 3. What is a WAN? Locate an example of a typical WAN setup and describe the components.

    Linux Project. (Unable to install Red Hat Linux on my Computer)

    PLEASE RECORD ALL OUTPUT IN A WORD DOC Project 2-9 Use vi to create a data file with records. You will then sort the data. * Log in to the Linux system as a user, and then open a Terminal emulation window. * Type mkdir Project2-9, and then press Enter. * Type cd Project2-9, and then press Enter. * Type vi infile

    Give brief and to-the-point answers for given Unix/shell scripting questions.

    1. Describe the results of executing each of the following grep commands in your home directory. a. grep -c ill memo b. grep -n ill memo 2. What would the permission section of an ls -l listing for filex look like after setting the following permissions? a. chmod 764 filex b. chmod 666 filex 3. Rewrite the following se

    C Program: Appending Lines To File

    Please help me with the c program problem below. Write a program that will prompt for a file name to open for writing. Prompt the user for 5 lines of text, writing each to the file. When finished, print out the contents of the file.

    Explaining how to assign work groups

    Explain how you would create the users for the sales organization unit and how to set up work groups in this particular situation. Keep in mind that you may have to name certain applications and allowable tasks for each individual or job role. Creating Users 1. To create a user in the ACMExx.COM domain, right-click the ACM

    TCP/IP LAN Plan

    Plan a network by completing questions 8, 9, 23, and 29 on pp. 268-269 of the text. Select your answer for each and explain how you came up with it for a total of 200 to 300 words. 8. Your company is assigned the network address You need to create seven subnets on the network. A router on one of the subnets wil


    I need help. Please help 1. Create a Client/Property database using Microsoft Access. a. Open the Microft Access software program b. After the Microsoft Access Window opens, select Blank Access Database, then click okay c. The file New Database window opens, then type the word Client as the name for this file where the cur

    Plan an Ethernet LAN

    Answer question 58. After you select one of the multiple choice options, explain your answer in 200 to 300 words 58. You have been contracted to build a network for a multimedia development firm that currently uses a 10-Mbps Ethernet network. The company requires a high-bandwidth network for the multimedia team, which consta

    Write SQL SELECT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements

    Write SQL SELECT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements. Using the database and tables from Week Three, write queries using the SQL SELECT statement. Note: Select all of the data from both of your tables before you perform the following. Choose an EEO_1_classification: Increase all employees' salaries that have: the selected EEO_1_cl

    Create a decision table, flowchart and find test values

    A telephone company service plan charges 25 cents for each call made. In addition, it charges 5 cents a minute for all calls made to a phone number that has a service plan with the company. Or, if the call is to a phone that does not have a service plan with the company, it charges 15 cents a minute for calls that last less th

    Demonstration and explanation of unix "cut" command

    If I have a database record in the following format name:address:city:state:phone Notice each entry is separated by a : I need to be able to use the cut command to grab each field and using command substitution be able to assign them to their own variables. For example: If I have the following record: George:23

    Expanding XML, DTD, CSS file

    Expand the XML file a little bit by making sure that it is valid as well as well-formed. "Create a DTD file that defines the format of the XML file. Also submit an updated version of the XML file that is linked to the DTD file. To clarify : ? You will need to turn in three files for this project: o Your DTD file. (

    Bash shell scripting questions

    1) Describe the result of executing each of the following grep commands. a. grep -c ill memo b. grep -n ill memo 2) Rewrite the following sequence of commands using sort as a filter. The end result should be a single command line when you are done. sort roster > temp lp temp rm temp 3) Write a command

    UML graphical notation-sequence diagrams-public works

    Using UML graphical notation, develop the design for the following system to define the object classes and show the interaction of the data collection sub-systems (sequence diagrams). The department of public works has decided to develop a computerized pot hole tracking and repair system. As pot holes are reported, they are

    Examples showing the different levels of a DBMS.

    Identify the level within a database system (user, programmer of application software, and designer of the DBMS software) at which each of the following concerns or activities occur: a. How should data be stored on a disk to maximize efficiency? b. Is there a vacancy on flight 243? c. Could a relation be stored as a sequentia