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    Unix shell script: text file with most occurrences of string

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    Create a Unix shell script that searches for a text file with most occurrences of a given keyword. For instance, if I would like to search for a script with most usages of if statement, I would execute:

    find_most_relevant.sh /home/student/myscripts if

    The script find_most_relevant.sh should take two arguments. The first one is the directory where text files are located. The second argument is a keyword. The output of the script should either state:

    No file with word <keyword> found in the directory <directory-name>


    file <filename>: found X occurrences of word <keyword>

    (for the file with most occurrences of keyword only)

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    Please find attached a Bash script (304784_find_most_relevant.sh) that recursively searches ...

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    Attached Bash script recursively searches the given directory for the given keyword is examined.