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Knoppix commands to accomplish requested sequence of steps

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1. In your home directory, create the directory "POS301".
2. Change into the new directory.
3. Obtain into the file week1 the current date and time.
4. Add a blank line to the file.
5. Append to the file, using the date command piped through the cut command, the date in the format "Day Mon dd yyyy" (example: Mon Aug 10 2009).
6. Add a blank line to the file.
7. Append to the file the full listing of the seventh and eight process running.

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Solution Summary

The solution makes use of head and tail commands to get the full listing of the seventh and eight process running.

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All these commands have been listed in same order in the attached script 265321.sh so that you can execute them in batch mode by just invoking the script as "bash 265321.sh" or as "./265321.sh" after you have set the execute permissions on it by using "chmod +x ...

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