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The World Trade Organization (WTO) and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)

Questions regarding the WTO

The responsibilities of the WTO are the appropriate distribution of responsibilities between international bodies and the role of WTO in this system is the key issues that the WTO and others must address. The WTO must create the legal and institutional arrangements so that policy-making is conducted by those organizations with

Global venture

I am doing a research problem. I have chosen to write about Russia and the McDonald's over there. I have done some great research on this subject but I am having problems determining the financial health of the country selected, determining potential domestic and international sources of financing for the project and determinin

Micro/ Macro Economics

Explain macroeconomics and microeconomics and how they relate to the management of a global organization with the following questions 1. When is international trade an opportunity for workers? When is it a threat to workers? 2. What are some of the major challenges confronting the international trading system?


1. What is globalization? 2. What does Mexico have to gain and lose from Acme Autos operating in Mexico (include issues of international sovereignty, employment, and GDP)? 3. What does the U.S have to gain and lose from Acme operating in Mexico (include issues of international sovereignty, employment, and GDP)? 4. How does

CASE 7-2 Japan - Taxes on Alcoholic Beverages:

CASE 7-2 Japan - Taxes on Alcoholic Beverages: I am trying to brief this case. I have a guideline I am using. Tribunal- Who decided the case. Parties- Japan v Taxes on Alcoholic Beverages Issues- Define the relevant facts and legal elements of this case. Facts-

Global entrepreneurship

I am trying to find out information about global entrepreneurship. I need to find a region in the world and select at least three countries for that region where could be best to invest as an entrepreneur, taking in consideration government, culture, economy, and others subject of interest that would lead to a great business in

Calculations from annual report

I am working on an assignment that requires interpreting data from an annual statement. I have added the website address for reference. The questions all pertain to the annual statement and previous years are available on the websites. Please take a look and see if you are able to help. Thanks!

Federal Express & Jimmy Fand and the Tile Connection

Please read attached files and answer thr questions are at the end of each article. I need some ideas and suggestions. Thank you. --------------- Federal Express Federal Express achieved extraordinary success in the 1970s with a pioneering approach to overnight letter and package distribution in the United States. Af

Questions in International Business

1. Will globalization continue to expand in the future? Why or why not? 2. Econoland runs a current account deficit of $100 billion in a given year. Explain what must have happened to the financial account and Econoland's international investment position. Specifically explain how the financial account and Econoland's interna

Joint venture in Saudi Arabia

Evaluate various exit strategies, such as divestiture of assets. Handing over to joint venture partner, diversification, or shutting down operation, and contingencies for your global venture. Make recommendations to the viability of your business plan.

Venezuela's Membership in MERCOSUR

As a Venezuelan business owner, you are very interested in the fact that Venezuela has recently been accepted as an associate member of MERCOSUR (July, 2004). You need to prepare your operations in view of this new reality. Develop a plan for your business that will be implemented as Venezuela becomes part of MERCOSUR. Your b

Short essay Between 300 to 450 words with at least one reference.

Monsanto versus the World: Will Biotechnology Win? Until several years ago, Monsanto was a chemicals company with operations around the world. However, its former CEO, Robert Shapiro had visions of a brave new world where science, specifically agricultural biotechnology, would once again prove Malthus wrong. (Malthus, writing

Business Risk Analysis

How do I conduct a business risk analysis for the product detailed below? How do I analyze the following risks and how would I manage these risks? . Legal Environment . Trade barrier support . Taxation . Ethical concerns The country is Mexico and it is formed as a private company offering beef, vegetables and fruits to

Venezuela joins MERCOSUR

I need help developing a plan for any selected business that will be implemented, as Venezuela becomes part of MERCOSUR. I'm looking for help with the following questions: - Benefits and drawbacks for the country of Venezuela as a result of their membership in MERCOSUR. - Benefits and drawbacks for the selected business

Market and non Market Environmental For AT&T Expansion into China

See attached files. Please identify the major market and non-market environmental concerns that AT&T should (in 1993) consider as it attempts to capture a piece of the potential industry earnings (PIE) in China's telecommunications industry. In this section, you should address the following questions: · What demand and su

18-1. Using Exchange Rates

** The Chapter with the table 18.1 is attached. ** 18-1. Using Exchange Rates. Take a look back at Figure 18.1 to answer the following questions: a. If you have $100, how many Polish zlotys can you get? b. How much is one euro worth? c. If you have five million euros, how many dollars do you have? d. Which is worth m

Target Marketing in three countries: Hofstede's dimensions

See the attached file. List 3 specific reasons for doing business in each of the three targeted countries (document of 3 countries and analysis attached-need 3 reasons per country total of 9) How will this knowledge help PM Company do business there? Finally, analyze how the cultures of these countries are similar an

Corporate Communication - 4 Questions

CASE QUESTIONS 1. Analyze the "Organization" & "Constituents" boxes of Argenti's Strategic communication Model for Shell when they were first preparing to release information regarding the sinking of the Brent Spar. 2. Analyze the "Message" & "Feedback" boxes of Argenti's Strategic Communication Model for Shell when the

Spot exchange rate

Forecast the yen spot exchange rate with the dollar on January 1, 2006. Discuss Japan's risk. Is japan a good place to manufacture consumer goods such as tooth brushes, shaving cream. What will be the tax factors?

Forcasting Exchange Rate - Japanese

I am looking to determine the forcasting of the Japanese Yen spot exchange rate with the dollar on Janaury 1, 2006. Discuss Japan's risks; would Japan be a good location for a major US tire company to place a manufacturing tire plant? What would the tax implications be?

US Law

Are these statements true or false? A plaintiff is not entitled to an award of punitive damages when she demonstrates clear and convincing evidence that the defendant defrauded her - but the jury feels that she did not prove her case beyond a reasonable doubt. If Congress were to pass a law enacting a duty on garments m

The newly industrialized countries [NIC's] of the Far East such as Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong have dramatically increased their merchandize exports during the 1980s. Why do you believe this occurred and predict what you believe what this will mean for the exchange value of the NIC's currencies

The newly industrialized countries [NIC's] of the Far East such as Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong have dramatically increased their merchandize exports during the 1980s. Why do you believe this occurred and predict what you believe what this will mean for the exchange value of the NIC's currencies. Need some assistance with art

What is Free Trade Area?

This problem gives definitions of Free Trade Area, gives some terms of free trade zones of the Americas as an example and gives some relevant references.

Global Management

Question 1: Last week IGM announced it was going to sell off its PC business. That segment of the computer industry was too competitive and it wanted to focus more on the B2B segment. So who are the logical potential buyers?... (See attachment for full background and all questions)


As a manger of any large insurance company you have been asked to undertake an assessment of the current environment in which your company (to be chosen by the student) would need to appreciate before deciding to launch (or not to launch) an entry into another country or region. What strategic plans would you propose in order fo