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    Project management body of knowledge

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    I need come up with a project planned according to the PMBOK book I >>attached<<.

    There are nine parts that you'll have to define. The parts are: Integration Management, Scope Management, Time Management, Cost Management, Quality Management, Human Resource Management, Communications Management, Risk Management, Procurement Management.

    The project could be anything as long as the PMBOK areas could be covered. The work should be done in Microsoft Word. The project could be something like "how to build a computer" or "planning a wedding" or "how to repair something", or anything like that.


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    Projects are used today as a way of achieving a variety of outcomes- in local or international locations for new constructions, new product development product improvement, process design, process improvement, utility installation, theory and technology development, and many more. Bringing a project to a successful conclusion requires the integration of numerous management functions like controlling, directing, team building, communication and others. It also requires cost and schedule management, technical and risk management, conflict and stakeholder's management, life cycle management. "The primary purpose of the PMBOK® Guide is to identify that subset of the Project Management Body of Knowledge that is generally recognized as good practice and means that the knowledge and practices described are applicable to most
    Projects most of the time, and that there is widespread consensus about their value
    and usefulness." (PMBOK Guide Structure)

    PMBOK describes nine knowledge areas that the project manager must address:
    ? Integration management
    ? Scope management
    ? Time management
    ? Cost management
    ? Quality management
    ? Human resource management
    ? Communications management
    ? Risk management
    ? Procurement management

    Project- Managing Trade show

    This project will be based on a task that has been assigned to me by a client, where I have been given the task not only to showcase the product but to manage the event of trade show for the organization in most effective and efficient manner. Our plan defines the tasks that must be done by the project team over the length of the project. It includes a breakdown of tasks, dependencies, task budgets, task start and finish dates, task durations, and resource assignments. All of these components will allow benchmarking the project's progress against the time and resources I have allocated to the project which helps keep it closely within budget and on time.

    Integration Management
    PMBOK will be utilized for the upcoming project of managing the trade show. After all, the company is organizing a trade show so these processes would aid in all aspects of the project.
    ? Initiating - Contact must be made with the prospected trade show, to inquire and express interest regarding the participation of LRH. From this point, determination must be made on all parties involved in the process and a contract is will be signed.
    ? Planning - Once we have initiated the project with the signing of a contract the in-depth planning process begins. This will involve various aspects including determining on how to restock the collaterals, what needs to be done to update the display, what will be used as giveaways, how the trade show materials will be transported and determination on travel arrangements for parties involved.
    ? Executing - Once our plans are in place as to how we are going to address the aforementioned concerns, we must take action on these plans. This will include effective delegation and determination that all parties are aware of their responsibilities.
    ? Controlling - This process is often concurrent with executing and works to make sure that plans are being executed correctly. However, to do this effectively communication amongst various work teams or segments will be imperative. Additionally, it is also essential that we adhere to our budget constraints.
    ? Closing - Our portion of the project is over or complete once the trade show ends and all information is gathered to determine the trade show's success.
    It encompasses all the deliverables the project manager creates: scope definition, project schedule, team roster, budget, communication plan, quality management plan, and change control mechanisms. It is a document that is created at the start of the project and maintained by the project manager throughout the project's lifecycle. It is important because it defines the strategy, or direction, that the project manager will follow to successfully deliver the project. It is a critical communication device to the sponsor, customers, and team members. The project plan also serves as a record of leanings for future projects. There are many advantages to project management with a project plan:
    ? It helps the project team stay on task and meet deadlines.
    ? It provides a common frame of reference, foundation, and documentation for stakeholders, the team, and management.
    ? It helps ensure that all project areas that need addressing are covered.
    It provides consistency, professionalism, and agreed upon expectations

    Scope Management

    It coordinates the breadth and depth of the project. Scope of the project is not only limited to the tradeshow but beyond it to develop and maintain the new leads.

    Description of the Project
    I have been given the task of managing the tradeshow event for our organization's product. Our product is industrial machinery catering to the textile manufacturers. This tradeshow is an exhibition of all the prominent machinery manufacturers catering to various industries. This is one of the largest trade shows in the US and will attract the buyers, industrialists from through out the globe. Our organization is one of the biggest machinery manufacturers specifically catering to the textile sector. Thus our aim will be to attract, promote and generate the leads from the business buyers. The other aim will be to show case ourselves as one of the best in the industry and to enhance the corporate image amongst the industry.

    Problem/result statement

    To generate high number of leads and to enhance our corporate image in the industry.

    Mission and Objectives
    This project plan overview supports the objective of the company to reach to the consumers through out the globe and to enhance the image. Our Project planning will also take care of the needs of the other stake holders.

    Scope of the project is not only limited to the tradeshow but beyond it to develop and maintain the new leads. Trade shows offer an opportunity for to gain a lot of exposure in a short amount of time. Moreover we have to successfully handle the challenges including limited space, fatigue, limited time, and distractions.
    Performance Measures
    Today's business environment requires organizations to more carefully allocate staff and financial resources to projects that will succeed and contribute to the organization's long-term growth. As a result, project management is now a required core competency. The role of project manager is rapidly moving away from project administrator and coordinator to leader and change driver. To ensure ultimate performance and effectiveness the following measures have been proposed in this plan.
    1. Quantity and quality of leads in the trade show and proper follow up there on.
    2. To utilize the budget effectively and efficiently

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