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Financial Statement Analysis

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Look at the total liabilities, shareholders, total revenue, and net profit. For each company I need to calculate the following ratios. Equity to Debt, Return on Investment and Profit Margin. Next, interpret the results. Explain the ratios mean. Which company is a better investment based on these three ratios? I will need to turn in financial statement with my assignment with the numbers circled or highlighted, would be fine.

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Financial Statement Analysis: business decisions using each of the statements

1. What does the income statement tell you about the company?
2. What does the balance sheet tell you about the company?
3. What does the statement of cash flow tell you about the company?
4. What business decisions could be made using each of these financial statements?
5. What information is provided in the statements that will assist you in making these business decisions? What information is not provided that could assist in managerial decision making?

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