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China manufacturing SME's organizational strategies and effectiveness

I need help designing a program that structures incentive pay and links it to a China manufacturing SME's organizational strategies and effectiveness. The following questions should be considered.

What's distinctive about SMEs?
What (do you expect) would be the characteristics of a Chinese SME?
What would be a plausible strategy for a Chinese SME, particularly one in the manufacturing sector?
What are the characteristics of incentive pay, as opposed to regular pay?
How could incentive pay be used to support the strategy of a Chinese SME?
Would like to have about four pages of information. Thanks

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1. Small and medium enterprises are distinctive because they are below a certain maximum size. For instance, in EU the cutoff size is 250 employees and below for medium and 50 and below employees for small.
2. What is distinctive about these enterprises is that typically these are very large sources of employment.
3. In several sectors these enterprises are important for increase the level of competition and reduction in the prices of products.
4. The SME are responsible in several sectors for introducing innovations.
5. Many of SME are targeted as specific niches.

This material is taken from the website: http://www.iso.ch/iso/en/networking" Given the importance of SMEs in any economy, it is no surprise that many ISO members place a special emphasis on supporting and strengthening their SMEs through a variety of support program. SMEs need this support to overcome the economic and competitive disadvantages that they face because of their size. BSI, for example, has published The
small business guide to making standards work. SPRING Singapore launched a complete
Enterprise today programme to help foster the growth of SMEs in its country. In Europe, the office of crafts, trades and small and medium enterprises (NORMAPME)
represents the interests of SMEs in the European standardization process.
Many SMEs are members of technical, scientific or professional associations which can
provide input to standardization. So, while some networks linking national standards bodies, associations and small businesses are available, others need to be created. "http://www.iso.ch/iso/en/networking


Characteristics of Chinese SME:
1. The Chinese SMEs have a strong problem of marketing their products.
2. The Chinese SMEs have progressed a great deal and making technological innovations;
3. There is a spurt of Chinese SMEs as social and cultural barriers to enterprise have fallen and enterprising individuals have been working earnestly to set up businesses.
4. A key characteristic of Chinese SMEs is that they have been supplying parts and services to the world's top companies.
5. The demand for the output of ...

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