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Business Market Screening

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Can someone please help me I plan to develop a product that helps prevent people in Africa from becoming HIV positive? The name of my product is Miracle Pill this pill should only be taken once a day by an adult and the medication can be administered to children by syrup. Please help me describe the following topics.

Can you think of a better product to sell in Africa to help them improve their quality of living? Should I choose a different country/product?

*Basic need potential
*Import restrictions
*Price controls
*Government and public attitude toward buying American products

**Please see attachment for sources

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There is no need to change the product as there is great need for prevention of HIV in Africa.

*Basic need potential:
1. The prevalence of HIV in Sub Saharan Africa is very high and hovers around 6%.
2. In Uganda it had peaked at 11% even though now it is at around 6%.
3. Once the infection takes place the treatment is very costly and cannot be afforded by the people.
4. The miracle pill will be a boon for the populace of Africa and has a large market.
5. The AVR treatment is very costly and in Western Countries is available at $10,000 to $15,000 for a year's treatment now third world countries are producing AVR at $140 for a year's treatment and these drugs are imported into African Countries.
*Import restrictions:
1. Import restrictions on Miracle Pill will be lifted if it is proved that the ...

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