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The World Trade Organization (WTO) and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)

Political Risk

I need to research the issues involved in dealing with political risk in the business for a research paper written in MLA style. Any help with information and structure will be appreciated. Thank you. 1. What are the issues involved in dealing with political risk in the business?

Creating HR documents ie job descriptions

Download and read Job Descriptions. You need to hire the Executive Assistant for the new President. No job description exists for this position, but the position needs to be filled quickly. You obviously want to make a good impression on this assignment and fill the job with a top-notch candidate. Review the above linked article

Global Business Venture Strategy

Global Business Strategy/COSTCO in SOUTH AFRICA I am needing help doing a research on the following Global current Events Analysis on COSTCO Wholesale Store in the country of South Africa. Below shows all points that need to be discussed. Can you provide source information without using Wikipedia. a). Region Analysis


Suppose that representative I.M. Wright just delivered a passionate speech at your college on the topic of tariffs. He argues tariffs are needed to: A. Provide revenues to protect our young industries B. Encourage Americans to buy U.S made products because doing so is patriotic C. Protect Americans jobs and wages D. Help u

Government and Political Environment Analysis

Please see attachment and fill in the tables thoroughly for me. The key aspect is to tell me how I can find the answers to similar questions using the hyperlinks I have provided in the word document. Pleas fill in the blanks in the 3 small tables so I can see how these types of questions can be answered. ALso, I need to know

Project Management PMBOK

I need come up with a project planned according to the PMBOK book I >>attached<<. There are nine parts that you'll have to define. The parts are: Integration Management, Scope Management, Time Management, Cost Management, Quality Management, Human Resource Management, Communications Management, Risk Management, Procurement

Global Finance: Organization

# 1 How should an organization decide on a mode of entry when expanding internationally? Which mode(s) of entry has your organization used? Why? If your organization were to enter a foreign market, which mode of entry would be most appropriate? Why? # 2 What are some implications of currency depreciation, devaluation, and app

Comprehensive environmental analysis outline on Mexico

We are doing a paper on Mexico and importing goods from the US. This week I need to get the following information about the country and some guidance on preparing to do business in another country. Mexico was our choice. The following Regional Analysis need to be performed and I have no idea how to go about this in terms of

Write a bad news message to shareholders.

Bad News Message. Write a document to deliver bad news to a large internal or external audience. Examples of bad news are: an impending reduction in staff, a price increase, a delay in shipping that will have a negative impact, a product that is defective or the relocation of the company's headquarters.

B2B Changes for an Organization

What e-B2B changes would you recommend your employer make, right now, to take best advantage of the e-business opportunities available today?

Corporate Compliance Report

Using your own organization or an organization with which you are familiar, develop a report in which you outline a plan to implement enterprise risk management based on the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) recommendations.

Ethnocentrism & picoCHIP

- What the major issues are with ethnocentrism while transferring technology in the global economy? - From the attached text on picoChip, what do you think are the key lessons from the picoChip in China case? - What makes a country attractive, versus unattractive. Can countries be rated/ranked? (in terms of introducing technol

International Trade and International Investment strategy.

Your proposal to expand into three countries was approved by the CEO. Now you have to decide on a strategy - will PM Company simply sell its products (trade) or expand its markets via investment? Choose one international trade and one international investment strategy to research and recommend. Research the advantages and disadv

Business Market Screening

Can someone please help me I plan to develop a product that helps prevent people in Africa from becoming HIV positive? The name of my product is Miracle Pill this pill should only be taken once a day by an adult and the medication can be administered to children by syrup. Please help me describe the following topics. Can y

Value Chain Analysis

- As per the attached "Components-Drivers-Globalization" presentation; how does 'value chain analysis' impact globalization of markets and production? - Also, considering resources like Culturegrams etc. and the 'omnipresent ethnocentrism', what elements are most difficult for US managers to grapple with/ master?

Walmart and Target

Look at the total liabilities, shareholders, total revenue, and net profit. For each company I need to calculate the following ratios. Equity to Debt, Return on Investment and Profit Margin. Next, interpret the results. Explain the ratios mean. Which company is a better investment based on these three ratios? I will need to turn

Global Business Strategies for Wal-Mart in Mexico

1. Why did Mexico make such a good proving ground for Wal-Mart's foreign expansion strategy? 2. What is the source of Wal-Mart's competitive advantage? What barriers did Wal-Mart have to overcome in transferring its competencies to Mexico? 3. How did Wal-Mart create value in the Mexican market? 4. Despite some early set

International Negotiations: United States vs. Japan

Your company has been approached by a reputed Japanese firm that wants exclusive production and selling rights for one of your innovative products. Your company has been looking for a strategic partner for the production of this product to reduce costs. The company president is very interested in exploring the possibility of dev

Role of International Finance Institutions

Describe the roles of international financial institutions (e.g. IMF, World Bank, ADB, etc.), how it is used in global financing operations, and its importance in managing risk. Use and cite at least seven sources

Citigroup in China

Citigroup is an excellent example of an organization that has displayed environmental adaptability. However, the environment in China is unique. Review the pros/cons on whether Citigroup has displayed adaptability in its attempt to expand operations in China. Please review those ways in which you believe Citigroup has displayed

International Business

1. What are some reasons businesspeople and business students should be aware of important international organizations? 2. Even though the UN is best known for peacekeeping missions, it has many agencies involved in activities affecting businesses. Do these activities justify support for the UN? Would it be better if the ac

International Trade Opportunities for Workers

In a committee meeting of the United Nations you are considering the following questions: When is international trade an opportunity for workers? When is it a threat to workers? What are some of the major challenges confronting the international trading system?

Case Study: The Politics of Trade in Steel

Case: The Politics of Trade in Steel In March 2002, President George W. Bush imposed sweeping tariffs ranging from 8 percent to 30 percent on a range of steel imports from foreign producers. The tariffs were scheduled to remain in place until March 2005. The move was an attempt to rescue an industry that has been shrinking f