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The World Trade Organization (WTO) and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)

WTO Press Release impact of a declining world economy

This World Trade Organization Press Release demonstrates the impact of a declining world economy on global trade. Discuss the pros and cons of imposing quotas on some imported goods. How would this affect the American economy? What is the effect of a country devaluing its currency (like China, for example)?

Research of the Company Coco Cola

Research a company of your choosing that produces and sells products of some sort. This can be either a company you work for or a corporation where you are able to interview an employee in supply management or conduct research and gain specific supply chain information. You will address each of the following topics as they relat

An organization that desires expansion should consider venturing into a country that is almost as large as the United States. For example, China is considered to be slightly larger than the United States. An organization should seek opportunities that will maximize profitability within current and exponential markets. China's population continues to quadruple in size thus furthering the development of enhanced consumer growth. Companies desiring to enter the Asian markets must first identify the most pertinent top-selling commodities that are of great necessity to the country. It is imperative that an organization seeks new opportunities within unsaturated markets. Innovative technology is a solid indicator that continuous upgrades are in high demand. Nevertheless, organizations must provide products that the country utilizes in excess. For example, "China is a world leader in producing rice, tobacco, corn, barley, soybeans, and peanuts. Wheat, eggs, pork, fish, and potatoes are also important products. China also produces manufactured goods such as; oil, minerals, coal, and steal" (ProQuest, 2011). Many organizations strengthen their competitive positioning by entering Asian markets. "Despite China's major push to overhaul its economy along more market oriented lines, the rule of law, especially as it applies to contracts and general matters of commerce remains weak. Still, a huge potential market and a rapidly growing economy provide powerful incentives for foreign investors to take their chances in China" (Coleman, 2011). The competitive landscape of global expansion grants industry leaders a wide array of opportunities that disassembles the monotony associated with operating within the parameters of the United States. There are primarily five identified reasons as to why penetrating Asian markets would significantly benefit prospective entrepreneurial ventures such as; ? New financing opportunities with less regulatory restrictions-foreign countries welcome the idea of international ventures that opens the door for trading imports and exports. Some countries reduce governing practices that prevent external sources from entering an already tightly conformed country. However, country regulators review potential business opportunities as an ever increasing opportunity to strengthen foreign relations and policy mandates. ? Ability to increase employment and reduce unemployment within global regions ? Gain publicity and boost reputation-if an organization builds an alliance with China and the merger of two countries is successful, other companies will want to work with the organization in order to create a competitive advantage against their competitors. In addition to establishing new foreign partnerships, consumers will increase their spending habits and give their honest feedback on products/services and will refer the organization to their friends, family, and coworkers.

An organization that desires expansion should consider venturing into a country that is almost as large as the United States. For example, China is considered to be slightly larger than the United States. An organization should seek opportunities that will maximize profitability within current and exponential markets. China's

Paper on the Risk Factors of Culture as they effect women in the workplace

In an increasingly-interlinked world, organizational/employee constituencies will be made up of female executives, especially within management cadres (given the numerical growth of women in the domestic workforce). To address the possible issues inherent in this shift, the following research questions are to be addressed: 1. W

Business: Export Assistance, Purpose of Counter-trade

1. Compare and contrast the export assistance provided to German and Japanese companies with that given to American companies. What about other countries? Discuss the implications of the differences between the countries. What information sources are available to American companies seeking information about export opportunities?

Fraud against corporate executives; loss prevention

Fraud is a crime that many criminal justice experts consider slippery in nature because of the obscure angles and forms it can take, and fraud is not identified until after the crime is committed. Identity theft is an example of how fraud can take the form of another person through the theft of information that makes the crimina

Option or combination of options as best course of action

Discuss the option or combination of option you selected as the best course of action for Ford Motor Company and detail your reasons for selecting that option or combination of options FORD MOTOR CASE STUDY WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan. As you look out the window of the "Glass House" headquart

Unfair Protection or Valid Defense for dumping cheap goods

Many domestic manufacturers have called for protection from foreign firms coming into their country and dumping cheap goods. While consumers enjoy the benefits of low cost products, companies lose millions of dollars. Many firms have lobbied their own national government to pass "anti-dumping" legislation. Explain how the WTO

Contract draft and answer questions for Detroit Mini Safe

Please respond to the following two assignments. Assignment 1: Scenario Analysis and Discussion Read the case scenario provided below. Based on the information provided in the case scenario and the readings for this module, prepare a contract that will protect your company. Scenario You are the Vice President of Sal

Real-World Examples of Unfair Trade Practices

1. What are real-world examples do you have of unfair trade practices related to intellectual property rights or other international trade issues? 2. Under what circumstance, if any, do you feel the labor argument is a valid argument for erecting trade barriers? 3. Under which three of our four models of market structure d

Coca-Cola Control Mechanisms: Bureaucratic and Market Controls

Prepare a paper in which you address the following as it relates to Coca-Cola. Identify 2 types of control mechanisms (ways controls are applied) used in your selected organization. Compare and contrast these control mechanisms. Determine the effectiveness of these control mechanisms. Examine the positive and negative reac

ISO 9000 and the Benefits of International Standardization

Conduct research on the internet and find out more about ISO 9000. You can use the ISO 9000 website - as a starting point. In a paper, answer the following questions: What is ISO? What are the benefits of international standardization? How have the ISO 9000 standards been received worldwide? What are the latest

Multicultural Teams

Leadership for Multicultural Teams Examine the characteristics that are linked to successful leadership in the context of global and multicultural teams. In a two-page paper, cite and explain the core characteristics and skills essential to leading global teams. What makes a good leader in that environment? What makes a good

Macy's 2010 disclosures for cash, accounts receivable and inventory

Company selected: Macy's Research your selected company and acquire the company's most recent financial statements using the Internet. Analyze the disclosures contained within the notes to the financial statements related to cash and cash equivalents, receivables, and inventories. Include a list identifying the components


The WTO is pretty much an extension of the GATT. GATT was one of the three major agreements that went into the WTO. So, if faced with the decision to follow a certain law, would your company follow WTO or GATT? Why? Is one more beneficial for a company? Why or why not?

Lower Tariffs and Remove Barriers and Restrictions to Trade

Two organizations are similar in their fundamental principles and primary goals to lower tariffs and remove artificial barriers and restrictions imposed by self-serving national governments. Research an issue that is currently happening. Does GATT and/or the WTO really do what they were intended for (ie. do they really help

The WTO and GATT settle disputes: Illustrate the process with an example

The WTO and GATT settle disputes by the following First Stage: up to 60 days Before taking any action countries in dispute are allowed to resolve their differences themselves. Second Stage: up to 45 days If consultations fail, complaining country can ask for a panel to be appointed. The panel makes ruling and recommen

Tariff and Non-Tariff Barriers

Discuss Tariff and nontariff barriers: 1. Define the topic 2. Describe the roles of international financial institutions, and how it is used in global financing operations, and its importance in managing risks.

Financial Statements

Using Home Depot, Inc. 2008 Annual Report located in Appendix A of the text, answer the following questions: What does the income statement tell you about the company? Why is this statement important? What business decisions could be made using the income statement? What does the balance sheet tell you about the company? Why i

Discussion on Cross-cultural communication matrix

Discuss the culture-based communication patterns of a few different countries - communication styles, non-verbal communication practices, business communication norms, and strategies to increase cross-cultural communication

Analysis of Australia and Singapore

This paper needs to be 15 pages. I need a help with 5 of them. Can somebody help me? Complete the following actions and prepare a 5 pages (300 words each page): Please provide 2 references. Conduct a country (PEST) analysis of Australia and Singapore for companies operating in the advertising industry. Based on this coun

Financial Statements Paper

1. What does the Consolidated Statements of Earnings--the income statement--tell you about the company? 2. What does the balance sheet tell you about the company? 3. What does the statement of cash flows tell you about the company? 4. What information is provided in the statements that will assist you in making these

Business Strategy for Bank of China

I am working on a project where I would propose a business strategy for Bank of China, in order to attract more investors from UK. My focus investor is from UK, so please be aware of the currency to be British Pound. Please give me assistant on below areas, please provide your information as detail as possible and with referen

American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As)

Visit and navigate in depth the website of the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As) Prepare a paper on the organization including its purpose and services. In addition, identify two contemporary issues facing the industry you work in and state how AAAA could offer your organization support.