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Macy's 2010 disclosures cash, accounts receivable, inventory

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Company selected: Macy's

Research your selected company and acquire the company's most recent financial statements using the Internet.

Analyze the disclosures contained within the notes to the financial statements related to cash and cash equivalents, receivables, and inventories. Include a list identifying the components of the organization's cash and cash equivalents.

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Your response is 1002 words and discusses the three areas in the annual report where you can understand the disclosures for cash, cash equivalents, accounts receivable and inventory. These disclosures are then analyzed in detail for Macy's from their 2010 Annual Report to shareholders.

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The company selected is Macy's and I used their 2010 Annual Report (attached) which I obtained under Investors on www.macys.com website:


The best way to use this tutorial is to read it, get the idea of what the assignment was intended to teach you, and then write it yourself, adding your own ideas and tone. OTAs are not allowed to complete essays for students and this should not be submitted "as is." Plagiarism is a serious problem - let's not add to it! The purpose of this work is to help you *LEARN* so you can do YOUR best work. Go for it!


This discussion will review the disclosures for cash, accounts receivable and inventory for Macy's in the 2010 Annual Report to Shareholders. The disclosures are found in three places. First, the amounts for these are reported on the face of the Consolidated Balance Sheets showing the current year, 2010, and a comparison year, 2009. The second place we can learn about these assets is in the first footnote, the summary of significant accounting policies. This is a standard footnote for all public companies where they explain their accounting policies for assets, liabilities, revenue and expenses so the reader can understand the methods used in the computations, the types of transactions they typically engage in and unique activity of the firm (if any). Finally, additional information can be found in individual footnotes about these assets, if they are material or if there is unusual activity that would warrant a footnote specifically for that asset. Let's review these three areas in order.


Cash is reported on the Consolidated Balance Sheets page as the first line item in current assets. We can see that ...

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