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The World Trade Organization (WTO) and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)

Strategic Management and Corporate Governance

1) What is a strategic decision and what are its 3 characteristics? I have to provide an example of such decision from the work place that supports my response. 2) What are the responsibilities of the board of directors?  Again I have to provide an example of a board of directors that did not meet its responsibilities.

Bankrupt publicly traded corporation

Select one publicly traded corporation that has filed for bankruptcy between 2005 and 2010. Provide a thorough description of the corporation and the products or services it sells. In your professional opinion, what caused the selected corporation to seek bankruptcy protection? What could or should have been done differently by

US corporation to list its stock on Chinese stock exchanges

1) Would it be a good move for a US corporation to list its stock on Chinese stock exchanges? What are the possible advantages and disadvantages of such a move? Based on your analysis, what would you recommend a US corporation? 2) Is it generally worthwhile for a non-US company to get listed on a US exchange? What are the adv

International Business: Concept of Complementarity Review the company overviews of Coca-Cola and Anglo American on their corporate websites. Discuss the concept of complementarity within the context of the operations of the two MNEs Coca-Cola and Anglo American. What equipment, components, and/or complementary products are needed in host countries as a result of their foreign operations that may stimulate foreign trade in both the short and the long run? Please include references

Review the company overviews of Coca-Cola and Anglo American on their corporate websites. Discuss the concept of complementarity within the context of the operations of the two MNEs Coca-Cola and Anglo American. What equipment, components, and/or complementary products are needed in host countries as a result of their foreign op

Nike 10K Form Analysis - Intermediate Financial Accounting I

-What items on the balance sheet would be recognized at historical cost? -Which of the items listed using historical cost could potentially be the most undervalued? Would any of the items possibly be overvalued under historical cost? -Do the notes to the financial statements disclose fair market values on these items iden

Civil Law, Corporate Scandals, and Tariffs

1. Distinguish between civil law and common law systems. Provide an example to describe a dispute. How is the dispute resolved under each system? 2. Identify a corporate scandal that occurred in the past few years. Do not choose a company previously used to respond to this discussion question. What might your recommendations

Intermediate Financial Accounting - 10K Nike form

Review the Form 10-K for Nike, Inc. as of December 31, 2007 in the Doc Sharing Area. This week your major task will include analyzing the income statement and revenue recognition policies. -What type of format is used to represent the income statement? -What items on the income statement are estimated? Do you agree with

Environmental Forces and Mode of Entry in International Markets

Discuss the environmental forces and modes of entry in international markets. Name an international company. Share with the class the ways a U.S. company is affected by a global market, including the international trade system, economies, governments, and cultural factors. Also discuss the different ways a company can enter inte

John And Jacob, Inc., Online Trading System

JOHN AND JACOB, INC., ONLINE TRADING SYSTEM John and Jacob, Inc., is a regional brokerage firm that has been successful over the last several years. Competition for customers is intense in this industry The large national firms have very deep pockets, with many services to offer to clients. Severe competition also comes from

Counterfeiting and the Global Marketplace

Based upon the information in this unit's readings, create a post that answers the following: 1. Describe how some of the benefits of globalization have actually hurt businesses whose products are widely integrated in international markets. Do you think globalization itself will sustain the problem of counterfeits? 2.


Examine the Markets, Power, and Politics of World Trade? 1- How America has dominated the global Cotton Industry for 200 years? 2- The History of American Cotton? 3- How Cotton/Apparel comes to China? 4- Perverse effects and unintended consequences of apparel trade policy? 5- the apparel products finally encounters a free

Legal Changes for Small Business Owners

- Imagine that you are the owner of a small business with customers in multiple countries who employs 20 employees. the following types of legal issues that affect your business and for which it would be important to keep up-to-date so that you stay in compliance. - Consumer protection laws - Import or export laws Write

Growth and Policies of Jurisdiction

See the attached file. The purpose of this note is to provide an overview of selected institutional arrangements that affect or involve two or more jurisdictions. Part 1 of this note considers the commercial implications of arrangements 1 that are explicitly cross-jurisdictional in that two or more jurisdictions agree to bind

Cardinal Health

Please see attachment. The attachment reference is: Pearce, J. A., & Robinson, R. B. (2011). Strategic management (12th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill.

Business Law

Read the Counterfeiting in China attachment Discuss the legal risks associated with international business activity in China as described in the video. How might you mitigate those risks? Counterfeiting in China Most people in the world do not live in the U.S. Thus, whether we like it or not, most businesses involve a

Target market and structural factors

Scenario You have decided to develop a business that concentrates on importing fair-trade world goods for sale in retail mall outlets in several different American cities (Detroit, Philadelphia, Seattle, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Dallas). The theme you have selected is, "A Small World." Because of the nature of this business, y

Critical Analysis

I have attached a document for your review. Assignment 1. Critically evaluate this case in the context of the organization's culture. How were Enron's business ethics and business operations influenced by the organization's culture? Specifically, what went wrong? 2. What should have been the role and responsibility of

Critical Analysis of CSR

Respond to the following, using Anglo-American and Primark as examples: 1) Describe what is meant by ethical business behavior; 2) Describe how these two companies - Anglo-American and Primark - apply ethics in practice; 3) Discuss the costs and benefits to an organization when that organization behaves ethically. 4)

Organization as systems, Lifecycle of Leadership Development

Select a (leader who you consider to be an outstanding example of situational leadership. (Leader can be from the US or international.) Conduct independent research on this individual and create a profile of this leader that addresses the following: -Why does this leader exemplify situational leadership? Support your answer

Ethical Conduct Implementation Plan

Compose an ethical conduct implementation plan for a made up company, and a detailed plan covering the operations, both nationally and internationally, in addition to the conduct of its employees, vendors, and board of directors, as well as its business operations. This is an international business expansion plan. The follow

Business Mergers and Control

1.) What is meant by a change in corporate control? List and describe the various ways in which a change of corporate control may occur. 2.) What is the signaling theory of mergers? What is the relationship between signaling and the mode of payment used in acquisitions? 3.) Why do creditors usually accept a plan for financ

International Trade

1.) What is meant by "absolute advantage" in international trade? Is it ever sustainable? Explain. 2.) What is the real purpose of subsidies? Why are they restrictive to world trade? Give an example. 3.) What are your thoughts on using restrictive tariffs for the protection of infant industries in the global marketplace? 4.)

Reduction of Government Inefficiency

All organizations, government or business, large or small, operate with some inefficiency. It would be great if all inefficiency could be eliminated but, at best, in the "real world" it can only be reduced to an acceptable minimum. For the sake of this discussion let us assume that all federal government inefficiency has been re

Impact of Types of Risk on a Multinational Company

International companies face multiple types of risk. Discuss the impact of the following types of risk on a multinational company: - Currency exchange risk - Expropriation/extortion risk - Terrorism risk - Global economic risk - Foreign taxes and regulation risk