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Civil Law, Corporate Scandals, and Tariffs

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1. Distinguish between civil law and common law systems. Provide an example to describe a dispute. How is the dispute resolved under each system?

2. Identify a corporate scandal that occurred in the past few years. Do not choose a company previously used to respond to this discussion question. What might your recommendations be to a current client's officers to avoid a similar scandal?

3. Write a short paragraph defining tariff. How does the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) protect American companies?

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So, civil law and common law legal systems are the two best known systems- "particularly as exemplified in France and England". Because legal systems evolve, they are quite similar in the way that they function. This is due to the fact that legal systems have all evolved to meet the needs placed upon them by societies. Civil law has its origins in the strictly codified "jus civile" which came to be adjusted over time. As a group of highly skilled jurists became highly respected for their knowledge and interpretation of the laws, their opinions and guidance were sought in legal matters. This tradition culminated in Justinian's Code. Common law on the other hand has roots in the feudal system, where legal disputes were settled locally, and locales were independent of one another. When royalty began to establish rule over each jurisdiction, the rules that were established became common to the entire country- hence common law. With the development of a parliament, the enactment of legislation on a national level resulted in subsequent enforcement by the ...

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Civil law, corporate scandals and tariffs are examined. The expert distinguishes between civil law and common law systems.

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