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Legal Changes for Small Business Owners

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- Imagine that you are the owner of a small business with customers in multiple countries who employs 20 employees. the following types of legal issues that affect your business and for which it would be important to keep up-to-date so that you stay in compliance.
- Consumer protection laws
- Import or export laws

Write a paragraph about each source that describes:

- Information available to small business owners at this source
- Why that information is important to a small business owner
- How this source would aid small business owners in handling the chosen legal issues for the business.

Describe the options you, as the small business owner, would have in handling these legal issues. Include the cost, time, effectiveness, and appropriate uses of each option.

Research sources of information.

Identify three sources of valid and reliable information for each of the two legal issues you selected. These sources should help you, as a small business owner, to stay informed and in compliance with laws that affect your business.

Provide the site name and URL or reference information for each of the six information sources you find.

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The legal changes for small business owners are examined.

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This tutorial will discuss two legal issues that consumer protection and import or export laws that are faced by small business and affected them at greater extent. In addition, each legal issue will describe via three sources that include the effectiveness of the legal issues in concern of the owners of small business and its solution as well. Some options that could be used by owners of small businesses to handle legal issues would also be discussed.
Consumer Protection laws

Source 1:

This source describes laws and regulations that form to oblige small business in order to protect the rights of consumers and termed as consumer protection laws. This information depicts that if small company accepts order via mail, fax, internet or phone then it must oblige to ship the product within 30 days or on the promised time. The order cancellation option must also be provided to the consumers by small business owners. They must also notify the customer time to time with regard to order processing. The sensitive information of customers must also take reasonable steps to protect sensitive customer information (Lawyers.com, 2012). If any small business offers warrantee and guarantee then owner must perform as the same to make correction in the product and services.

Consumer protection laws guides activities of small businesses at greater extent that reduces the chances of law violation proceeds of its owners. The information that is available in this source guides to small business owners in regard to the forms of transaction and related laws. This source also depicts the obligation on small business owners in regard to handle the sensitive information of customers that is quite important for them to maintain healthy relationship with their customers. The information is also helped to form company's specific laws and regulations in the concern of transactions that take place vie mail, phone in different countries (Lawyers.com, 2012). With this information, small business owner can enable to follow and integrate customer protection laws and regulations in their activities that help to handle business and increase the chances of future expansion.

At the same time, this source enables to provide such information that is effective to handle such issues that could arise due to lack of knowledge in regard to the different aspects of consumer protection laws. With this information, small businesses would be able to manage their business transaction as per the rules and regulation that would protect costumer rights. The time, guarantee, warrantee, quality of transactions would also be considered by the small business owners with this information that would also reduce the chances of any legal issues. With the application of this information, small business owners would protect customers' rights by regulating their business activities (Lawyers.com, 2012). In addition, the quality and performance related claims of customers that could create issues for small business owners would also be reduced at greater extent.

Source 2:

This source describes information in concern of customer protecting committee, consumer credit protection act, consumer product safety commission, fair credit billing, fair credit reporting act, consumer rights and protection etc. that protects consumer from the deceptive activities. It provides information in regard to the varied rights of customers in concern of the quality and quantity of product and service. At the same time, it also provides information about the areas such as advertising, sales, business practice and other types of consumer transactions from where the concept of consumer protection is arouse for the owners of small business (HG.org Global Legal Resources, 2012).

This information is quite important to determine varied laws and regulations that have been created on both state and federal level in concern of consumer protection. With the use of this information, small business owners are enabled to meet the standards of quality related constraints that is essential to operate in the global level. It provides an effective floor through which small business owners are enabled to increase the efficiency of product and services globally. The awareness as well as execution of the customer related law by small business owners also helps to gain trust of consumers in varied countries (HG.org Global Legal Resources, ...

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