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Article Analysis on Treasury Bonds

During the last few decades, a number of environmental, hiring, and other regulations have been imposed on businesses. In view of these regulatory changes, is maximization of shareholder wealth any longer a realistic objective?

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Discuss why higher yields on treasury bonds could hamper the current "bull" stock market?

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While previous research establishes that a significant loss of wealth may occur due to regulatory and environmental issues; the stockholder's wealth is still and always will be an objective in any publicly traded organization (Bostic & Robinson, 2001). Yes, it is a realistic objective as long as the CEO's in organizations remember what kind of growth leads to increasing the value for their shareholders (Mankins, 2003). Mankins reminds us of a few of these proverbs all organizations should keep in mind:
? Deliver a product which has a competitive advantage
? Do not battle in a market which has a low ...

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This solution discusses an article and why higher yields on treasury bonds could hamper the current "bull market".