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Public Debt in the United States Security Issues

Suppose the public debt of the United States consisted of the following types of security issues (all figures in billions of dollars):

Treasury bills $750
Savings bonds and notes 180
Government account series 1,500
Federal Government currency 6
Treasury bonds 600
Special note issued to foreign investors 45
Treasury notes 2,200
Special Bonds and Notes sold to states 165
and local governments
Calculate the following: total marketable debt, total nonmarketable debt, total interest-bearing debt, and gross public debt.
total marketable debt:
total nonmarketable debt:
total interest-bearing debt:
gross public debt:

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Total marketable include: Treasury bills, Treasury bonds, Treasury notes, Treasury inflation protected securities (TIPS) and federal financing banks (

Total nonmarketable includes: domestic series, foreign series, REA series, and state and local government series, United States saving securities, United States inflation saving securities, government account series and hope series (

Interest bearing debt includes all securities in which the government will pay interest to the securities owner on a regular basis ( Almost all public debt is categorized in the interest bearing category except special notes issued to international money funds and obsolete currency ( Interesting ...

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Public debt in the United State security issues are examined.