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    Resource-Based View

    A Detailed Discussion on Strategic Planning

    Please help with the following problem. Compare and contrast the theory of "the resource based view" (RBV) of strategy with theories and models that look to external forces and factors for an explanation of a firm's strategic capability and intent.

    Design and usage of information technology for business owners

    Discussion Topic: Information Systems in Business Settings Question 1: When considering the impact of the information age on business, what are some issues business owners should address in deciding to use information technology. Would the type of business determine the appropriate information system? What are some typ

    Research HR Risk Management Seminars

    Resources: Appendix A, the Internet, and helpful Web sites: o http://www.amanet.org/ o http://www.skillpath.com o http://www.nationalseminarstraining.com/ - Research different HR risk management seminars - Summarize at least five different seminars (these may be presented by the same company). This should be a 700-950

    Event Promotion and Intent to Purchase

    Article Review : Mega-special-event promotions and intent to purchase: A longitudinal analysis of the super bowl Write a synopsis of the critical information found in the attached article with generating 3 questions about the article. The synopsis should at least include details regarding the: - Main theme/purpose -

    Resource attainment varies with the type of organization

    All organizations must secure a continuing supply of resources from their environments. The initial mix of resources mobilized when an organization is created is critical as these resources constitute a structural pattern that tends to persist and is imprinted on organizational members. Explain how all organizations compete

    Strategic Management and Policy

    Research the JP Morgan Chase website. After reviewing of all the documents you can find on the web and in libraries, write a 3-page response to the following questions: 1.What is the most important problem facing JP Morgan Chase company? 2.What recommendation(s) would you make to JP Morgan Chase and in what order of prioritie

    Multiple Choice Questions: 16 Management questions

    1. Which of the following is an example of the resource-based view of the firm? a. Philip Morris diversified by purchasing Kraft foods, because they did not want to put money back in the high-risk cigarette business. b. Google hires employees by asking them to fill out a 200-item questionnaire; many of the questions have nothi

    Internal Analysis and SWOT Analysis - Case03

    I need some help in gathering some ideas to write a 4-5 page paper dealing with an internal analysis and SWOT analysis of the JM Smuckers Company, see attached (Case03) for assignment instructions. The resources and other information are listed in the attached (background material). This assignment requires the completion of t

    Competing in the Looking-Glass Market

    Please read the article and help explanation the two questions. A few paragraphs each would be a great help. Description of the methodology used to address the research question/hypotheses. Limitations of the study. See the attachment.

    The view that the performance of firms can be 'path dependent'

    Critically discuss the view that the performance of firms can be 'path dependent'. Illustrate the answer with examples which support your analysis. Guidance Notes: Relevant to Teece et al, Cohen and Levinthal, Carlisle to name a few. A comprehensive answer to this question will include the following key aspects of the q

    Human Resources: Here are two suggestions used in the solution of this assignment. The HRM must develop a pay for performance system and also address issues with Diversity in the Work Place. Diversity in the workplace has become of the utmost importance as more and more companies are becoming global. Understanding others differences is essential to the business.

    What are some of the HRM strategies we should consider when developing the workforce, and conducting performance management, to enhance organizational productivity? As an example, what does your current (or previous) organization due to promote a "learning environment" within the workplace? Please list references Here a

    Competitive advantage: resource-based overview or attitude for a firm

    QUESTION: Please describe, in detail, how the resource-based overview or attitude for a firm helps explain competitive advantage for that firm. Competitive advantage based on resources is based on the following principle: "An Opportunity by itself has no real value unless a company has the capacity (i.e. resources) to take ad


    I need assistance with the assigment attached. Thanks

    Marketing Plan of Gatorade

    I need assistance with composing a growing Marketing Plan for Gatorade, a company of PEPSICO. I have attached all of the specifics required. References: www.gatorade.com www.pepsico.com Thanks in advance for your time and assistance. 1. Present the NAME of YOUR ORGANIZATION. 2. Present the organization's MISSION

    Simulation Reflection Paper

    MBA/580, I have been ask my instructor to complete an assignment that involves three simulation, 1.Thinking strategically, 2.Developing Grand Strategies, 3. Creating a Strategic Road Map. He is requesting that we write a 350 word paper for each answering the following question a. What are lessons learned relative to the impo

    Strategic Management

    Although their expertise lies in creating games it is definitely serious business for the video game industry. For two years straight U.S. computer and video game revenues surpassed domestic movies box office receipts. In this industry when customers are fickle, as well as demanding and the competition is intense, One company E

    Research Analysis

    I just need some direction by providing a brief statement from the article for each step and the page number of the information to get me started. Case Analysis The assignments on research you have completed so far have taken you through a step-by-step process on how to develop and design formal research. In this caps

    project maximize firm value

    SCENARIO: Look at the excel attachment which is the one you completed for me Mr. Jain :) to this assignment and answer each question: 1. Does this project maximize firm value? 2. What will be the impact to the stock price? 3. How does this capital project fit with the strategic direction of the company? 4. Explai

    Preliminary Objectives in an Organization

    - What are some of the preliminary objectives that you can think of for the organization that is subject of your strategic business plan? - How did you receive these objectives? - What are the key success factors for achieving these objectives? P.S. Your response should be supported by at least one outside resource (pro

    Developed Goal

    Need one developed goal that could be used to measure the success of any strategies developed.

    Strategic Objectives for Able Corp

    Problem: Able Corporation is in trouble and I need to find Able Corporation's top two strategic objectives over the next year? Why these? This is what I have come up with Strategy 1: Keep Able Corporation Alive Strategy 2: Repair, Remove, or Replace But unsure how to proceed.... here is the scenario: Able Corpora


    Define reengineering. Does it offer something of lasting value?Submit examples of situations where reengineering and examples where you would not recommend using this strategy. Be sure to support your answer.

    Knowledge of the Macroenvironment & Leadership Effectiveness

    Graduate Level: In what ways do you think that knowledge of the macroenvironmental segments (social, economic, political, and technological) can assist leaders in improving their leadership effectiveness? Provide reasons to support your answer. What trends emerge in the discussion?

    Sugar substitute industry

    3. As HSC, how do you view the latest developments in the US market? 5. What is going on in the tabletop sugar substitute segment? a. NutraSweet is breaking the peace by going after Sweet 'N Low users. Is this a good move? Could you please support answers with Barney's book "Gaining and sustaining competitive advantage"