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Business Policy and Money Banking

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The solution reviews:

1) Why might a bank be willing to borrow funds from other banks at a higher rate than it can borrow from the Fed?

2 - Which regulatory agency has the primary responsibility for supervising the following categories of commercial banks?

11 - How can the S&L crisis be blamed on the principal-agent problem?

2 - What are the costs and benefits of a too-big-fail-policy and do you believe that this is the policy that the Federal Government is taking now? What is your opinion about it?

1 - Describe the process of performing an internal audit. What are the goals of an internal audit?

2 - What is the resource based view? Describe this approach to competitive advantage and explain its general reasoning.

3 - Compare and contract US firms with European Firms. Why do the management styles, workplace norms, and other factors of work life differ in Europe from the US?

4 - Explain the importance of financial ratio analysis in the context of assessing internal strengths and weaknesses.

5 - Explanation of what the IFE Matrix is used for and specifically how might it be used in strategy formulation.