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Competing in the Looking-Glass Market

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Please read the article and help explanation the two questions. A few paragraphs each would be a great help.

Description of the methodology used to address the research question/hypotheses.

Limitations of the study.

See the attachment.

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The solution assists in providing ideas based on the article Competing in the Looking-Glass Market and explains two related questions regarding the methodology and limitations of the study.

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I. Description of the methodology used to address the research question/hypotheses.

Hypothesis #1: Within an industry segment, the propensity of a firm to abandon its segment increases with the initial rise in the number of its peers' departures, but declines as this number continues to increase.

Hypothesis #2: Within an industry segment, as the number of firms overlapping its market position increases, the higher likelihood of a firm moving to a different market segment due to peer departures decreases.

By and large, the author's primary methodology in research for this particular paper is based upon historical review of literature and existing theory of the organizational ecology, sociology and demographics of the automobile industry since its inception. The arguments are based upon theories of institutional theory, structural network theory, social psychology and human ecology and focused upon organizational imitation, shared ...

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