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    Dramaturgy comparisons

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    Which one of the following do you like best: Cooley's Looking-Glass Self, W.I. Thomas' "Thomas Theorem," or Goffman's Dramaturgy? You can use any theory to compare and contrast your choice. Just be sure it is clear which one is your pick. Be sure to discuss in detail why you like the theory that you picked. Provide some examples.

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    As you briefly validate which one of the following do you like best, I interpret Cooley's Looking-Glass Self theory as the most applicable and feasible for my own overall personal understanding.

    Specifically, I especially admire and appreciate the theory's practicality and how it is user friendly, not lofty or too esoteric in scope or jargon. In fact, Cooley's assertion that humans' sense of self is socially constructed ...

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    Cooley's Looking-Glass Self and Goffman's Dramaturgy theories are briefly compared and contrasted in informal notes within this posting.