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Marteting Strategies for Stained Glass Cleaning Service

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Stained Glass Cleaning Service

Part 1
Provide a brief overview of the product or service.
Discuss what pricing targets you would consider for your product/service. The objectives should be based on the various theories obtained from marketing literature and take in to account competitor pricing. Include background on value proposal, positioning, and target market. All of these components provide justification for the chosen pricing scheme.

Part 2
It is time to sell your venture to the marketplace. Write in first person and expound on the positive attributes of your idea and how it will be great for prospective consumers. The energy and creativity that you inject into your post needs to get the conference participants excited.

Please cite references APA format.

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Solution Summary

The solution discusses marketing strategies glass cleaning service. The pricing targets which would be considered for product/services are given.

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Pricing objective for the service is to keep it within the range of affordability for medium and small businesses, along with homeowners. Popularity of stained glass in small businesses and homes continues to grow. While this design element is seeing growth, it is also unclear to some homeowners and others how to clean and perform upkeep on stained glass. While there are many types of Stained Glass products, the windows require special products and care to keep them from streaking or worse, becoming milky. We are not competing with the larger companies that perform specialty cleaning in ...

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