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    Strong recovery from an error or service failure

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    (1) "When a service firm makes an error, a strong recovery will create an even stronger bond than if service had been smooth all along." This statement has been challenged by research but some service marketers believe it is true. Provide one example from your own experience that suggests this statement is true OR false.

    OR Give an example of your experience with a service failure. Evaluate your experience based on the readings.

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    A carpet company was hired to clean the carpets in my mother's house before her return from the hospital. We paid extra because she had been ill for a while and there were a number of stained traffic areas. The company came, cleaned and then left before we could review the floors. When we did see them, the entire area that leads from the back of the house to the kitchen was still black. It was even more obvious because the carpet is pale rose colored. While there was a lightening of the area, the guaranteed removal of the stained area was not done to our ...

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    A strong recovery from an error or service failure are examined.