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    Notre Dame Cathedral: History and Events

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    What is the history of the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris?

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    The Notre Dame Cathedral is probably among a handful of major world establishments in all of Europe. It was built obviously as a house for Catholic worship, and at the moment is several hundred years old. In fact, even the building of the cathedral took hundreds of years, spanning from 1163-1345 CE. A little island called "Ile de la Cite" is where the building is located, and it stands in the middle of the Seine River; the reasons for this were both pragmatic and metaphoric, as Catholicism was the life-blood of the area at that time and its major physical presence needed to be both protected and set apart especially.

    There are a few major events that one might ...

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    The history of the Notre Dame Cathedral is summarized in brief, with a few major historical events tied to its prestigious existence.