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Discussion Topic: Information Systems in Business Settings

Question 1:

When considering the impact of the information age on business, what are some issues business owners should address in deciding to use information technology. Would the type of business determine the appropriate information system? What are some types of organizational processes and procedures in businesses that could be improved using information systems? What type and why?

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Many business issues are worth considering before deciding to use information technology. One, management needs to make out a budget of how much it will cost to get started. This may mean that they set an amount of $10,000 starting off for the first year to get all the supplies needed for their employees. Two, the employer needs to consider upgrades and any technical issues that could arise. In essence, one will see that this could cost them more than their original budget. Every company has to consider this because it could become more expensive than planned. Last, organizations need to think of training their employees on how to use the technology. Anyone in Human Resources can help with this matter, and will require much patience because some people catch on faster ...

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This solution discussed information systems in the business setting.

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