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Porter's Five Forces

Can Knowledge Systems Help Boeing trounce Airbus

I need someone help me to answer this four question: 1. Analyze Boeing and its business strategy using the value chain and competitive forces models. 2. What is the relationship of knowledge management to Boeing's business strategy? How is Boeing using knowledge management system to execute its business model and business st

External and Industry Analysis of Gap, Inc.

I need assistance with the external analysis of GAP, Inc. Specifically, the the factors of the macro environment, threats, and opportunities, and an industry analysis using Porter's Five Forces Model.

Porter models & UPS

I need help to analyze UPS using porter's competitive forces and value chain models according to the attached article. (max 1.5 page)

Management Success in a New Environment

Will Eastman Kodak under the leadership of CEO Perez succeed to manage its new environment? Perform an external analysis of Kodak in the following manner;: - perform the analysis of the environment applying Porters five Forces Model - make sure to also examine elements of the Macro Environment - evaluate how Eastman Kodak m

Question about External Analysis of Gap, Inc.

Need assistance with the following: Analyze the external environment of Gap. Inc. Perform an Industry Analysis using Porter's Five Forces Model Analyze some factors of the Macro environment Identify Threats and Opportunities Need enough information to formulate a three page report. Thanks

Strategic Management

Discuss Porter's Five Forces Model and the implications of the Competitive advantages of Nations' research on this model.

External environment

Role Play: Now that you are a qualified and certified analyst of the external environment, please share your ideas of why you think thorough evaluation of the external environment is important. It might be useful to look at Mr. Porter and his analysis when comining to your conclusion. Support your analysis with concepts


Provide some examples of industries whose competitiveness have been adversely affected by the Internet and some examples of the ones that have achieved a higher level of competitiveness with the Internet. Please provide references. Thank you.

Siemens IC Mobile, Human Resources

How the organization conducts strategic planning and what role human resource management plays in that process. Recruitment and selection practices for internal and external candidates. General information.

Strategic Management Planning

The company is Winn-Dixie; What we need is information on the following; Analyze the impact on the company of the five main general environment sectors. * Economic * Demographic * Sociocultural * Political-legal * Technological Assess the organization's specific environment using Por

Strategic Management Questions

Define the term "strategic management". List four phases of strategic management List four basic elements of strategic management. Define the term "strategy". Identify the five forces that shape competition as described by Porter. Explain what is meant by the term "competitive advantage". List three directional strategies.

Business Policy Questions

1. Describe the external environment (task environment, societal environment) of a College. Identify and discuss the opportunities and threats posed by these environmental elements of the OT of the SWOT. List five (5) opportunities and five (5) threats. 2. Discuss the "competitive forces" that shape organization's strateg

Case Method Analysis

According to Porter, what determines the level of competitive intensity in an industry? According to Porter's discussion of 'industry analysis,' is Pepsi-Cola a substitute for Coca-Cola? How does competitive intensity change in a 'fragmented industry' VERSUS A 'consolidated industry'? Discuss how a development in a c

Business Policy Question

Strategic planning is about "being different, not better." Using HPU's business courses as the context, give an example of how HPU could be "different" given that we already offer classes in the classroom and online. What is "different" about your example? Is strategic planning about seizing opportunities or is it about fixin

Wal Mart Case SWOT Analysis

Brief review of the company's history including significant events that shaped the development and growth of the company. Situation Analysis including a. general environmental analysis focused on the six segments of the general environment. To help predict the segments that will have the most influence on Wal mart over the

Strategic Plan on Pfizer, Inc.

A. Long Term Objectives : In addition to long term objective also address following areas: Profitability, Productivity, Competitiveness, Employee development and relations, technical leadership, and public responsibility. B. Strategic analysis and choice: In this section you should discuss: Generic Strategies, Matched Pairs Ana

Porter's Industry Analysis

According to Porter what determines the level of competitive intensity in an industry? According to Porter "industry analysis" is Pepsi-Cola a substitute for Coca-Cola? How does competitive intensity change in a "fragmented industry" vs. a "consolidated industry"?

Market Segmentation

Construct several potential segments of the market based on the benefits they are most likely to seek in the product/service you've chosen. I have to try to come up with some memorable, descriptive names for these segments like any good marketer would do remember the ?Yuppies? It stood for Young, Urban, Professionals, right?]

Strategic plan for Gateway Inc.

Advocate the adoption of the strategic plan by the organization's Board of Directors. Strategic Plan should cover the following areas. SUGGESTED STRATEGIC PLAN OUTLINE 1. Executive Summary 2. Company Background 3. Vision Statement 4. Mission Statement 5. Values Statement 6. Environmental Analysis a. Interna

Operational, Tactical and Strategic Reports

1. Explain operational, tactical and strategic reporting. How do needs drive reporting system inputs requirements and what are the ramifications of ignoring user needs when considering reporting and system requirements. 2. Construct system-generated operational, tactical and strategic reports (one each) that would be used for

Impact of Information System on Ford Motor Company

How can Ford fix the design flaws of there cars to be more competitive. Discuss there recent recalls, give statistics on the recalls. How can they design more durable vehicles? Discuss the supply chain and how this can strengthen Ford Motor Company. Discuss AutoExchange - Ford Automotive E-Business.

Overview of Management in Kudler Fine Foods

Exploring Kudler Fine Foods: 1. Identify the primary functions of management, describing who is responsible for each function at Kudler. 2. Explain how technology and the Internet are utilized by Kudler currently and how that affects its management. 3. Cite an example from Kudler illustrating each of the five forces fro

Marketing Management: Skil Corporation and the Electric Power Tool Industry

Using the case "Skil Corporation" (Harvard Business School case, no. 9-389-005), address the following: First, she wants to know if the electric power tool industry is attractive and would like to have a better understanding about the competitive environment. Second, she knows very little about Black & Decker, except for t

International Business Competitiveness

1. What are the characteristics of corporate strategy? What are the characteristics of business strategy? How do these differ? Provide an example of each strategy. 2. Identify the 5 Forces in Porter's Industry Analysis Model. Then discuss three important factors for each force 3. There are many goals corporations ma

Key Financial Information for Starbucks

Choose a stock it can be any company in any industry. (The Stock I am interested in is Starbucks Corporation, ticker symbol is SBUX, Market is NasdaqNM, Industry is Specialty Eateries). Then visit Yahoo Finance at . Once there, enter the ticker symbol for your stock in the space provided so that you

Attractiveness of the Global Tire Industry

1. Make an assessment of the attractiveness of the Global Tire Industry applying the Five Forces Model of Porter? a. Fill out the worksheet on Industry Attractiveness and assess the industry? b. What is your explanation for the results reported in exhibit 14? c. How severe are the threats to the industry profitability? d

Business Planning

Please help me with the following three scenario's: Scenario #1 Thinking Strategically Identifying the factors that characterize a company's strategic situation is the basis for a strategy process. These factors can be classified as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Analyzing these factors using various