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Human Resource Management

How should we prepare our employees of change? What if our employees are not "open" to change?

"Substitute Products" - How important is it to recognize this force during our present economical situation? Regarding your business idea - Who can be your competitor? Who's competitor can your business be?

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//Prior to discuss the process of preparing the employees for change, it is better to understand the meaning of 'change' in the organization. In this series, in the first s

ection of the discussion paper, the concept of the 'Organizational Change' and requirements to make changes in the employees' thought process is to be focused upon.//

Change is a necessary way of life in most of the organizations, whether; the organization is political, commercial or educational. The organizations have to adapt themselves according to the changing situations. A change in the organizational set up requires a simultaneous change in the personality of the people. To make changes in the personality, attitude and work behavior is a very difficult task. For making the employees ready to adapt the changes made in the organization there are some special techniques required (McKenna, 2000).

//After knowing the requirements of 'Organizational Change' in the next section of the discussion paper, the ways to prepare the employees for changes are described in detail.//

The employees should be implemented with several surface interventions such as lecturers, conferences and reorganizations etc as, these are very much helpful for the employees to improve their skills according to the changing work environment of the organization. In addition to this, they should be given 'sensitivity training', which is also largely useful to change the attitudes, values and behavior of the employees with the specific purpose of getting the people themselves to develop more open, supportive in organic types of organizations. These are very helpful techniques to make the employees prepare for adapting changes. With the appropriate training, the workforce can ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1103 words with references.