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    Porter's Five Forces

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    Question 1: Search the Internet and find the five competitive forces that shape strategy. Briefly explain briefly each force. Question 2: Determine which of the five competitive forces has the most significant impact on strategy in general. Support your response with evidence or examples. Question 3: Select any industry

    Strategic value-propostion to increase sales volume.

    I am trying to improve my analyzing skills for upcoming tests. Attached is a sample, not for grade, of a case to analyze. Looking for help on steps to use and recommendations on responses to the case that will help me to understand and be able to analyze similar type cases on future assignments or tests.

    Price wars discussion question

    Under what environmental conditions are price wars most likely to occur in an industry? Why? What are the implications of price wars for a company? How should a company try to deal with the threat of a price war? Explain.

    Forces impacting services

    From your research and what you learned. Identify 3 forces that will impact this of service. Describe each force and analye why & HOW IT WILL IMPACT THE SERVICE. My service is Self Defense Training did research on it but can't find all i need on it with a reference list on it need reference

    Growth in China affect strategic positioning of Ford, Toyota, BMW

    Please look at these video clips: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0ZaEOdJT9Y http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hD4hUzzrFXw&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Cav0S8Hd0k How does this industry's segmentation and growth in China affect the strategic positioning of Ford, Toyota or BMW passenger vehicles? What g

    Compare four styles of creative intelligence

    See attached file. Write a paper in which you compare and contrast the four styles of creative intelligence and their influence on organizational decision making. Discuss how the five forces influence mental models and mindsets. Include examples of how mental models and mindsets might limit the decision-making process

    Business Law in the News: Global Warming

    See attached file. After reading the item and perhaps doing some outside research as necessary, submit a paper which answers each of the questions posted at the end of the item.

    Video to introduce the iPad by Apple

    Have you ever wondered about the introduction of the iPad by Apple? Perhaps some of you had an opportunity to see the introduction - just about 20 months ago. Here's the video of that event. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBhYxj2SvRI&feature=related Think about the PESTEL model - which of the 6 macro-environmental extern

    General Environment Facing Blockbuster

    Perform a STEEP analysis to understand the general environment facing Blockbuster. How will Blockbuster be affected by external factors? Use Porter's Five Forces Model to analyze the mail rental and video-on-demand industries in the U.S. Given this analysis, are these industries attractive or unattractive?

    How can Porter's Five Forces method be used to analyze the chocolate industry in the U.S.? The key is: look at chocolate from the viewpoint of the sweets eater as well as the all suppliers.

    Use Porter's Five Forces method to analyze the chocolate industry in the U.S. The Five Forces method identifies and analyzes 5 competitive forces that shape an industry, and helps determine an industry's weaknesses and strengths. The analysis must include: 1. Competitive rivalry in the industry 2. Threat of new entrants in

    Value Chain Analysis

    What is a Value Chain? Who gave this concept? How value can be added to value chain? What are the primary activities and support activities in a Value Chain?

    JP Morgan Case Study

    1. Rewrite the conceptual (the no-quantitative) portion of the JP Morgan case by discussing all the Behavioral phenomena not identified in the Case study . In your rewrite, make sure to just briefly explain each phenomenon/factor first, and provide an example or explanation of your own similar to the case's "Everyday Examples of

    Analysis of Industry Planning And Innovation

    At a generic level, innovation is a core business process concerned with renewing what the organization offers the world and the ways in which it creates and delivers that offering. And to do this they all need to carry out these activities: - Searching - scanning the environment (internal and external) for, and processing r

    The Limitations of Porter's Five Forces Model

    Consider the limitations of Porter's five forces model discussed in the text. Given these limitations and the rapid pace of change in today's business environment, how useful is this model is assessing the industry environment? Is it really important to analyze the industry? Why or why not? See the attached file.

    Outline a Research Proposal for Eastman Kodak

    Outline a research proposal that I will use for the strategic plan later. I have to include the following: a. How you intend to validate the Eastman Kodak Company vision and mission statements - in other words, do not identify them, but explain how you plan to analyze them for changes, if necessary b. Sources you expect

    Porter's Five Forces: Wholesale Club Industry

    1. Prepare a five forces analysis addressing what is the competition like in the North American wholesale club industry? Which of the five competitive forces is strongest and why? Which of the three rivals Costco, Sams, or BJs Wholesale has the best strategy? Why? Which of the three rivals has been the best performer? 2. Do a

    Marketing Management using Porter's nine value-creating activities

    Five Primary Activities: ? Inbound Logistics: how the firm goes about sourcing raw materials for production. ? Operations: how the firm converts the raw materials into final products. ? Outbound Logistics: how the firm transports and distributes the final products to the marketplace. ? Marketing and Sales: how the firm com

    Industry Forces: CEO Kleinfeld's Responsibilities

    Please see discussion questions at the end. If things had turned out a little differently, Siemens (SI ) Chief Executive Klaus Kleinfeld might already be on his way to executive stardom, like his role model Jack Welch. Just two years after Kleinfeld took over the Munich electronics and engineering behemoth, Siemens is on trac

    Hometown Deli Case Study using Porter's Five Forces Model

    See attached files. Business Environment Analysis for Hometown Deli The Hometown Deli has been in business since 1952 and has never had a single competitor in the neighborhood. One of your employees has heard a rumor that Wall Street Deli might be opening a store a few blocks away. Your staff is worried and is looking t