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Perform a STEEP analysis to understand the general environment facing Blockbuster

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Perform a STEEP analysis to understand the general environment facing Blockbuster. How will Blockbuster be affected by external factors?

Use Porter's Five Forces Model to analyze the mail rental and video-on-demand industries in the U.S. Given this analysis, are these industries attractive or unattractive?

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The solution discusses the general environment facing Blockbuster.

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Strategy implementation takes place in the separate but related business operation areas of manufacturing, accounting and finance, marketing and communications, sales, and organizational culture. In organizations, it is important to determine both current and future organizational requirements for both core employees and the contingent workforce in terms of their skills/technical abilities, competencies, flexibility etc. The analysis requires consideration of the internal and external factors that can have an effect on the resourcing, development, motivation and retention of employees and other workers.

According to Porter's generic strategy typology, Blockbuster can maximize performance either by:

1) Aiming to be the lowest cost producer in the industry, or
2) By differentiating its products and services from those of other businesses.

Both of these approaches should be coupled with a focus on organizational efforts for a given market segment. It takes into account a narrow market scope as well as a broad market scope.

Miles and Snow, on the other hand, introduced four strategic types of organizations: ...

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