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PEST Analysis

Strategic Management of Shipment Packages

Provide a simplified version of the 7 points covered in the Written Analysis tips. Below Example: Package your shipment carefully by keeping the package squarely in front of you. Your response: Place package directly in front of you. Written Assignments 1.Analyze. Avoid merely repeating the facts presented in the cas

Strategic Management and Business Policies

Research Mars ( After reviewing of all the documents you can find on the web and in libraries, write a 3-page response to the following questions: 1. What is the most important problem facing Mars? 2. What recommendation(s) would you make to Mars, and in what order

Describe attributes of your product: cereal box with a dispenser

Our product will be a cereal box with a dispenser similar to a Morton's salt container. We'll present to General Mills. The purpose is to keep cereal fresh longer, make dispensing easier, and reduce problems by removing the inner bag. Prepare a paper to include the following: a. Describe the attributes of your product or s

Financial Case Study Anaylsis

Based on the "required" section in the word document i have attached, provide as much information as possible. I have also attached an excel spreadsheet with financial information. Thanks.

3 business ideas that have social benefits

As you learned what skills entrepreneurs have that make them successful and also why there are social needs. you need to apply those skills to a real life. You now need to choose three business ideas that have social benefits. For each idea you need to explain your idea. explain how it will work. Also, you need to explain what

T&F Company: Transforming the Enterprise with IT

Scenario: The T&F Company sells CAD/CAM software applications to architectural and engineering firms in the United States through value-added resellers. The company has loyal customers, and is growing steadily. Recently, the growth rate has dropped. The Sales and Marketing Director believes if they don't adapt their business

Legal duties of landlords and tenants?

What are the legal duties of landlords and tenants? Try to locate WA (Washington) state's landlord-tenant statutes and use that information in your answer. Cite your references, please. (300+ words) Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.

McDonalds: External Environment

External assessment on your selected department, group, division, function, or organization (for which you will create a strategic plan) that you began in week 2, including an assessment of the external remote, industry, and operating environments. Your environmental scan should describe the situation completely and accurately.

Lessons on Forecasting Use

What are three lessons learned relative to the importance and effectiveness of forecasting market demand? What are three lessons learned relative to the importance and effectiveness of market research? As a result of using the simulation this week, what concepts and analytic tools will you be able to use in the development of yo

Understanding Challenges via a Marketing Audit

How can a marketing audit be used to increase the understanding of the internal and external challenges facing an organization? How can this information be used to improve organizational performance, both internally and externally?

Options to Exchange into Common Stock

Acme Pest Control has sales of $13,500, cost of goods sold of $4,000, selling expenses of $3,500, depreciation of $2,000, interest expense of $2,000 and a tax rate of 34%. What is Acme's net income? Which of the following provides the option to exchange into common stock? 1. paid in kind preferred stock 2. cumulative pr

Labeling for Genetically Modified Food

Please tell why we shouldn't require labeling for genetically modified food. Give information for the following: a. legal and regulatory issues b. Labeling c. public outreach d. new initiatives

Export Business Plan

You own your own company and would like to "go global!" Research a potential market and product to get your export operations started and present your findings to potential investors. Create a 15 to 20 slide Microsoft PowerPoint, (plus one reference slide ), presentation with detailed speaker notes. Include at least 3 resources.

Communication Barriers

The ability to communicate verbally is essential to success in college and in the workplace. Even the most educated and skilful people are likely to fail if they are unable to communicate their ideas effectively verbally. As a team, collaborate to develop strategies for overcoming these barriers: Faulty perception Poo

PESTEL Analysis for FTSE 100 Company

Business Environment analysis: Undertake a full PESTEL analysis for any business in the FTSE 100, identifying contemporary issues particularly relevant to the business. In relation to key stakeholder groups, evaluate the impact of these challenges on the business & how the business is responding to the challenges. Cover

Human Resource Management

What does the need to justify activities from a cost-benefit perspective pose for Human Resource Management?

Juicy Red Tomato Company and Decision Making

You have just been hired by Juicy Red Tomato Company as a human resources consultant. Juicy Red Tomato Company (JRT), a tomato grower operating in Florida, hired you to investigate (1) the effectiveness and efficiency of its organizational structure, and (2) the selection and maintenance of managerial personnel. The reason why?

Uses of a Marketing Audit

How can a marketing audit be used to increase the understanding of the internal and external challenges facing an organization and can this information be used to improve organizational performance, both internally and externally?

Marketing Audit Approach

PART ONE: Using the Marketing Audit Overview guide, prepare an action plan to include key tasks (what you will do and how you will do it) and due dates for a subject organization (you select). Be sure to include key resources such as people, data, reports, and articles, among others to be used. The key word is Approach. Pl

Business Research for Decision Making

Despite the comments from the steering committee (from your Unit 1 Individual Project), your manager thinks that your proposal thus far is sound, and encourages you to take the next step - conducting research. Using the Cybrary and all other resource materials at your disposal, develop a PowerPoint presentation of your propo

IT & Communicating with Key Stakeholders

How has IT impacted how you would communicate with key stakeholders versus, say, 10 years ago? What is the importance, if any, of enfranchising stakeholders in the new product process?

Marketing Plan

Marketers must understand the tools of their trade. Using both the textbook and Cybrary resources, research the essential marketing tools, then create a report in which you address the following questions: 5-6 pages (Word document) What is the overall purpose of a marketing plan? How do a marketing plan and strategic market


I have been elected by the senior management group of EMMI, Switzerland's number one dairy producer ( to set up a manufactoring and distribution plant in Russia for our EMMI Coffee. The choice of Russia is fixed, since the company wants to profit from the high labor knowledge and the low salary costs. I need to pres