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    Marketing plan

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    Create a new product or service for an existing organization. This product or service will be the basis for your Marketing Plan

    Write a 1,400-1,750-word paper to include the following:
    Name of product-market
    Analysis of other aspects of external market environment
    Company analysis
    Marketing information requirements
    Refer to the Summary Outline, Adapted from Exhibit 21-9 pp. 598 - 599 from Basic Marketing Text, PHASE I

    Name of product market
    Analysis of other aspects of external market environment
    company analysis
    Marketing information requirements

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    I have picked Tiffany & Co. for the purpose of this guide. Currently Tiffany is facing problems since its introduction of the silver line products which caused a major brand confusion among its customers. The attached file will introduce the brand, give a SWOT analysis, the current Marketing Mix (5P's) that exist for Tiffany. I have added the issues and recommendation part in this paper too which is launching a new brand in the market with ...