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Management Information Systems

Strategic analysis of the Hershey Foods Company

I need to do a strategic analysis of the Hershey Foods Company in the following format: I Current situation: A. Current Performance B. Strategic Posture 1. Mission 2. Objectives 3. Strategies 4. Policies II. Strategic Managers A. Board of Directors B. Top Management III. E

Internet Security Paper

I have to write a 3-4 page paper examining the impact that the Internet has placed on information technologies security. This paper should research the ramifications and effects that the introduction of the Internet has had on an organization's security. It should also present solutions to those problems and discuss how those s


1500 word McJob - a low-pay, low-prestige, low-dignity, low-benefit, no future job in the service sector.... The term 'McJob' was first coined by the American author Douglas Coupland in the cult novel Generation X. It has stuck fast in popular terminology, even assuming collective status for all such service sector occupat

E-businesss technologies and software to reduce cost and increase productivity

Can you help me get started with this assignment? E-business has birthed new paradigms of operations. IT has changed business processes to reduce costs, increase productivity and efficiency, and add shareholder value. Your goal is now to work with each individual department head and strategize an effective way of operations u

FYC: Analyze the role of information systems; structure change being proposed

See the attached file for the full problem information. Donna, your CEO, wants you to present your analysis and your draft of a winning strategy to the Executive Committee Meeting (ECM). As an IS-savvy executive, you have debated upon the scenario and come to certain conclusions. This is your first big meeting since you join

Described an Assistive Device for people with a specific physical disability.

Describe an assistive device that has been developed for people with a specific physical disability. What physical limitations does this disability create? How does the device work to overcome these limitations? What risks are associated with this technology? What options were available to a person with this disability before th

Global Issues for AT&T - Technology issues that may arise in global expansion

Global Issues for AT&T Identify issues that organizations face when trying to expand globally as a result of opportunities afforded by new technology. Include information on how the internet is used and viewed by consumers in other countries. Explain how a company may have to adjust its operations and procedures when doing bu

U. S. Army: Identify inputs following the Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model

Module 2 - Case Inputs Each of the diagnostic models presented in Module One had particular strengths and weaknesses. In my opinion, the Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model is particularly strong in terms of Inputs. Therefore, for this part of the case, I would like you to analyze your chosen organization's key inputs.

New technology vs the old ways; form alliances for new business partners, risks

Does the implementation of new technology always mean the end of old ways of doing things? What are the dangers of continuing to do things the old way as well as using new technology to perform the same tasks? Bringing in new technology may require a company to form alliances with new business partners. What risks might this

Technology Impact and Added Value

Technology Impact Based on assigned readings, other readings, or personal experience, discuss the impact of technology on customers (a) how the company introduced the new product to customers (b) ways that added value due to the new technology was proven (c) outline support plan for customers who may have questions

Does competitor not mean an enemy?

Explain the sentence: "A competitor does not mean an enemy." Show fields of potential collaboration among competing companies. Provide examples of such collaboration.

Business: Computers and Information Processing

Please choose one of the two (DQ2a or DQ2b) discussion questions. Student may answer both DQ's; however, only the first DQ answered will count towards your DQ requirement (the second DQ answered will count towards participation). 1. Discuss how information systems are linked to the business objectives of an organization.

Your computer manufacturing firm must purchase 10,000 keyboards

Your computer manufacturing firm must purchase 10,000 keyboards from a supplier. One supplier demands a payment of $100,000 today plus $10 per keyboard payable in one year. Another supplier will charge $21 per keyboard, also payable in one year. The risk-free interest rate is 6%. a. What is the difference in their offers i

Novell Inc's beta release of its Ferret browser & Corsair

See attached file for the article. Please include the following topics in your critique of the selected article: ? A brief introduction and overview of the article. ? Describe how the article either supports or disproves material . State your point of view. ? Summarize your thoughts and offer suggestions in support of

information management system

Describe the function and importance of the 4 external and the 6 internal considerations for developing an integrated information management system for a human service organization.

Concerning Privacy, the United States

Concerning privacy, the United States: a. provides a great deal of legislation that purports to offer some privacy protection. b. has comprehensive legal rights to privacy. c. allows a government agency to gathering information for one purpose and use it for another purpose. d. provides for federal prote

A company's technology usage policies are considered.

Being considered an ethical company by consumers can help a company to increase its market share. How can a company's standards in relation to technology help them to be seen as ethical? Is it possible for a company's technology usage policies to have a negative affect on company culture and employee morale?

Human Factor in Technology

What is meant by "the human factor", and why is this important in considering the impact of technology in the workplace?

Corporate political infighting .

Describe an instance of corporate political infighting in an organization you have worked for. How did it affect the success or failure of your project?

New technology and old ways

Does the implementation of new technology always mean the end of old ways of doing things? What are the dangers of continuing to do things the old way as well as using new technology to perform the same tasks? Bringing in new technology may require a company to form alliances with new business partners. What risks might th

The use of databases software

Prepare a 2-page memorandum (350 words per page) analyzing the use of databases in a credit card organization. Include what database applications are used or may be used and why they are used (Microsoft Access, DB2, Oracle, etc.). Conclude by proposing improvements. For large organizations, restrict the scope of the paper to