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Management Information Systems

Employment-at-Will defined and the three major exceptions are described. Discussion on how work relationships are likely to change in the next 10-20 years considering the exceptions to employment-at-will and business, technology and other relevant trends.

EMPLOYMENT The majority of workers in the United States are employed in an employment at will relationship. Consider the exceptions to employment at will and business, technology and other relevant trends, then discuss how work relationships are likely to change in the next 10-20 years. Be sure to explain why and how your p

Emerging technology article

Please help me with this: For this assignment, each student must find a recent article (published within the last month) on an emerging information technology that interests you and write a max. 1 page analysis. FROM ATTACHMENT: For this assignment, each student must find a recent article (published within the last

Securing an Organization

Dana and Michael are in the weekly staff meeting with Donna and the rest of her staff. "Folks, we have been considering what might happen if we had a major weather or natural event. Our primary concern at this point is what would happen to our operations. Look at what happens when we lose a single ATM machine?dozens of compla

Information Systems Analysis & Design Questions

Preparing for my MBA exam and the questions below have me stumped. Please help. Q1. "It is really difficult to focus on what we want to achieve. I look at what our real competitors, the convenience stores, are doing and think we should copy that. Then a hundred customers come in, and I listen to each of them, and they say we

Developing a computer security checklist

Design a checklist for assessing computer security controls. The checklist should be organized as follows: Three major categories: preventive, detective, and corrective controls. Appropriate subcategories for each major topic discussed in this chapter. For each subcategory, develop individual questions about the existence of

IT Manager's Role in the Need for an Organization's Security

Imagine that you are a manager in a particular functional area (information technology, accounting, operations, etc.,). an overview of security aspects that would be integral to effective functioning of your position and area of responsibility. What security concerns do you need to address?

Printer Rent Forecast

The owner of a computer store rents printers to some of her preferred customers. She is interested in arriving at a forecast of rentals so that she can order the correct quantities of supplies that go with the printers. The data is shown blow. a. Prepare a forecast for weeks 4 - 10 by using the three week moving averag

How do you know that you have captured the right data

1) How do you know that you have captured the right data, transformed it into the right information, and have used that information to gain the unique knowledge necessary to compete globally? How would you measure this investment? 2) How do you understand the definition of leadership as it applies to the emerging global marke

Solar Technology, Inc.

Please see attached file. "I was sure that when our battery hit the market it would be an instant success," said Roger Strong, founder and president of Solar Technology, Inc. "But just look at the gusher of red ink for the first quarter. It's obvious that we're better scientists than we are businesspeople." The data to whic

Accounting Information Systems Application

See attached for entire problem Write a 500- to 600-word report using word-processing software in which you summarize your thoughts and answers to all parts of the question (a through c). Be sure to provide your rationale for your answers

Study question

Can you please help with the following study question. 2. As Maintenance Manager, Cargo Management Systems, you are constantly bombarded by system users requesting fixes to data and the resulting reports caused by erroneous data entry. You have made significant changes to the programs in an attempt to edit the data ente

Advantages and disadvantages of JIT-II systems.

Companies such as IBM and Ingersoll-Rand have moved beyond JIT to JIT-II systems. In JIT-II systems, supplier sales representatives work on-site to monitor inventory levels and have access to current sales data and forecasts. The supplier representatives use this information to reorder goods automatically and meet production nee

Benefits of Graphic Design in a Technical Document

Describe some of the benefits of utilizing graphic design or visual elements in a technical document. Identify at least three types of graphic or visual elements that can be added to technical communication. What must a technical writer consider in order to use these elements effectively? Provide an example of a presentatio

As the Systems Analyst assigned to the Warehousing Application

Can you please help with the following question Thanks for your help. As the Systems Analyst assigned to the Warehousing Application, you were responsible for preparing the requirements definition, high-level design and detail design documents. In addition, you worked closely with the programming staff to ensure that the p

Software Piracy

What has been the relationship among the various organizations combating software piracy? Note: The sources should be cited.

Information Systems Technology Professions

Search the online library, newspapers, or the Internet for IT professions having to do with computer systems analysis, project management, or computer programming/software engineering. Suggested Websites:

Collaborative and Individual Writing Processes

I need help on Identifying and explaining at least three advantages and three disadvantages of the collaborative writing process in 200 to 300 words. In what situations might an individual writing process be preferable?


One of the ways in which you become literate with MIS and IT terminology is by reading, reading, and more reading of current articles. After you have found five sound, interesting articles you will abstract them. This requires discretion, a sound understanding of the article and course concepts and, good wordsmithing skills.

Formulate the problem as the proper network problem and solve

Topless City is a small chain of car dealerships that sells vintage convertibles throughout the Southern United States. It is owned and managed by Brandon and Kyle Winslow. Each month Brandon and Kyle attend two car auctions, at which they purchase convertibles: one in Atlanta, the other in Miami. The cars are then shipped to on

Accounting Information Systems

Describe some of the information that a good AIS could have provided for this firm and that, if provided in a timely manner, could have helped it avoid some of its problems.

Accounting Information Systems

#7 Which of the following best describe the SEC? a) A.U.S. government organization that oversees and regulates the financial reporting of companies and securities traded in public markets b) An independent organization responsible for establishing the standards for financial accounting and reporting in the U.S. c) A.U.S. go

Accounting Information Systems

1. How can AIS reports be used to provide strategic information for a business organization? 2. At what point in the life cycle does an AIS need to be reengineered? What organizational risks can be managed using AIS information? 3. Can the AIS system be utilized to lead change?