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    Why Impact Extends Beyond the Technology Lifespan

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    ROI analyses are often done with a consideration of a technology "life-time" of 3-5 years. Do you think that technology has an impact on business after that time period?

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    Technology as an impact on business beyond the 3 to 5 year life span. An ROI analysis includes many different aspects, such as Infrastructure available, the cost of hiring and training staff, performance changes and differences in internal relationships, as well as external relationships (Creswell, 2004). If performance changes include improving the well being of others, such as in health care and social services, the improved ...

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    The analysis explains why the impact of technology extends beyond its typical 3 to 5 year life span, in terms of benefit to society, the organization and the technology itself. While return on investment is one aspect of the lifespan, there are many other considerations involved.