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Management Information Systems

Other Services Resulting From High Speed Broadband

Streaming video over the web has replaced video stores in some areas of the world. What other services will change business models when large parts of the population have high-speed broadband connections?

Regression Analysis: Salaries for Professors

Please see attachment. The data for this problem are fictitious, but they are not far off. For each of the top 25 business schools, the attached file contains the average salary of a professor. Thus, for Indiana U. (number 15 in the rankings), the average salary is $46,000. Use this information and regression to show that IU

Problems encountered by the police officers due to hardware or software?

3. Stop! Wait! I Am Pulling Down a Menu! San Jose, California, is considered one of the safest large cities in the United States. The city's 1,000 police officers serve 925,000 residents, making it the smallest officer-to-resident ratio in the country. From 1990 to 2004, the city's police department used a text-based mobile d

Recommending Hardware Configurations

1. Recommend one of the three hardware configurations described in the following table for each of the scenarios listed. Assume that all of the hardware configurations cost the same. Explain your choices. Features Computer Configuration

Costs and savings of a videoconferencing system

I have been hired as a telecommunications consultant to help an organiztion assess the benefits and potential cost savings associated with installing videoconferencing systems at each of the firms's six locations. I have determined that the cost to establish each video conference facitlity is $60,000 and that each facility will

Collaboration Software and the ASP Model

This solution addresses two specific questions for the learner. First, this solution provides the learner an understanding of the different advantages and disadvantages of the use of a presence awareness feature in collaborative software packages. Next, this solution provides the learner with an overview of the ASP model. In par

Prototypes: Vaporware Awards for unreleased products

One of the disadvantages of building a prototype is that people will believe that the final system will follow shortly. Why do you think building a prototype will lead people to this inaccurate conclusion? If you were delivering a system prototype, how would you communicate to the system users that the real system would not be r

Hypothesis Testing of Thickness of Aluminum

An aircraft manufacturer needs to buy aluminum sheets with an average thickness of 0.05 inch. The manufacturer knows that the thinner sheets would be unsafe and considerably thicker sheets would be too heavy. A random sample of 100 sheets from a potential supplier is collected. The thickness of each sheet in this sample is measu

Boxed Detergent: P-Values and a Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit Test

A manufacturer is interested in determining whether it can claim that the boxes of detergent it sells contain, on average, more than 500 grams of detergent. From past experience the manufacturer knows that the amount of detergent in the boxes is approximately normally distributed. The firm selects a random sample of 100 boxes an

MIS: IT infrastructures, web services, SAN and NAS

This solution provides the learner with an understanding of the concept of web services and further provides an explanation on the two primary types of data storage infrastructures: storage area networks (SAN) and network area storage (NAS). The solution further explains the difference between these two IT infrastructure compone

Teaching Assignment: Hungarian method

In the attached file is the chart that corresponds to the question. Question: Roscoe Davis, chairman of a college's business department, has decided to apply the Hungarian method in assigning professors to courses next semester. As a criterion for judging who should teach each course. Professor Davis reviews the past two ye

Machine Jobs Order: Assignment method

File attached has the chart that corresponds to the question. Question: In a job shop operation, four jobs may be performed on any of four machines. The hours required for each job on ach machine are presented in the following table. The plant supervisor would like to assign jobs so that total time is minimized. Use the as

Transportation Assignment Network Models: Hardrock Concrete Co

Attached is the chart that corresponds to the question. 1. The Hardrock Concrete Co has plants in three locations and is currently working on 3 major construction projects, each located at a different site. The shipping cost per truckload of concrete, daily plant capacities and daily project requirements are provided in the

Analyzing Scatterplots for US graduate business programs

#16 Consider the enrollment data for Business Week's top US graduate business programs in the attached file. Generate scatterplots to assess whether there is a systematic relationship between the total number of full-time students and each of the following: a)proportion of female students b)proportion of minority students c)

Security, Privacy, and Other AIS Issues

1. Security, Privacy, and Other AIS Issues You've been hired by a growing organization to perform systems consulting work. The CEO has concerns about systems security and the impact of privacy considerations on the organization's AIS. She is also interested in learning more about new and emerging AIS technologies that the orga

Supervisory Performance Survey with graphic display of results

1. Using a Microsoft® Word document, create a short survey based on a topic related to careers in general, careers in IT, or another occupational topic. (See Appendix B for further instruction and for examples.) 2. Include a disclaimer in your survey that indicates the project is for school, no name is needed from the indiv

Information Security

I am currently working in the accounting department and I was asked to describes the information security issues facing your industry and your organization; reviews legal/regulatory requirements/constraints; analyzes available technological and procedural mitigants, identify best practices; and frame your plan to manage the risk

Computer Forensics Analyzing Hostile Code

In this week, you need to analyze software. In your forensics practice, you often need to analyze hostile codes. In order to be safe, we do not recommend you take the risk of analyzing a real hostile code. However, if you could set up a secure environment and you decide to get some real experience on analyzing a real hostile cod

Technology threats and healthcare

In a service related health care organization with a staff to patient ratio of approximately 1:100 your role is to assess the quality of security of patient medical records. What technology threats might this organization face What information is contained in electronic medical records that needs to be protected? What p

Definition of Maturity level in the Software Process

Please help with the following problem. Define Maturity level in the Software Process Maturity level. Briefly write about five levels of PCMM and process capabilities developed at each level? If possible, please provide a comprehensive list.

Time Series for U Credit Union

The U Credit Union is open Monday through Saturday. The Winters' method is being used (a = B = y = 0.5) to predict the number of customers entering the bank each day. After incorporating the arrivals of 16 October, Lt = 200, Tt = 1, and the "seasonalities" are as follows: Monday, 0.90; Tuesday, 0.70; Wednesday, 0.80; Thursday, 1

Tools that Remotely Monitor a Computer

Discuss tools that could be used to remotely monitor a computer (with or without the computer owner's awareness). You can discuss the technical solutions and the legal impacts. Also will this kind of evidence admissible? Are they admissible under which conditions?

Emerging new technologies for the internet

Details: You attend T&F's strategy meeting. You know that emerging new technologies may move the market in new directions. Prepare a Power Point presentation of at least eight slides for the committee to explain: The advantages of utilizing the World Wide Web How this will meet company goals The major driving forces behin

Multiple Regression Model

A trucking company wants to predict the yearly maintenance expense (Y) for a truck using the number of miles driven during the year (X1) and the age of the truck (X2 in years) at the beginning of the year. The company has gathered data given in the file 11_16.xls. See attached. Note that each observation corresponds to a particu

Models/Implementation Strategies/Applications/IS Planning

Please help with the following study questions. Detail responses are greatly appreciated. 1. What is the Logic To-Be Model? What is accomplished with the Logic To-Be Model? 2. Discuss the following implementation strategies used to install new systems: 1) Parallel Strategy 2) Pilot Strategy 3) Phasing Strategy and 4