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IT Applications: Implementing & Using Groupware Systems

Review the three articles, and prepare a paper addressing the following issue:

"The three most important things a company can do to implement and use groupware systems effectively, and why they are necessary".

1) Joe Miller Groupware: What Works the Way Businesses Do? Buzzle.com, 6/9/2005 From:

2) David Strom, Groupware Ready or Not. From: http://www.strom.com/pubwork/jf95.html

3) Mellanie Hills (2005) What's so hard about Groupware? Networking computers is easy compared to networking people. Intranet Journal. From: http://www.intranetjournal.com/features/groupware-1.shtml

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In order to implement groupware systems effectively, companies must be able to consider the following key points:

A. Collaborative Management

Groupware enables document management and it utilizes a centralized system that enables company staff to work through business collaboration processes to b able to create reports, presentations, budgets, and other documents that are needed and used to run a business. However, as deadlines are fast approaching, there will be lots of changes from the minds of the clients, management, information and perceived needs. These make it harder to follow a formal document collaboration procedure so they have to search for a groupware that fits into the way businesses manage their documents and records. Centralized storage methods reduce the risk of overlapping corrections and modifications on business documents. It also keeps the integrity of the original document and ensures that the data is preserved for future use even if an error occurs.
Tracking documents which have been created and revised many times in an ad hoc business environment is not easy as one thinks it is. Work is often done hurriedly, staff and management save their drafts in different drives, changes are done many times and there is a tendency that drafts may be lost and changes that have been done cannot be monitored according to the latest. Groupware enables document tracking during ad hoc and hectic collaboration of documents.

There are many ways that users can communicate with each other which makes collaboration and communication easier between users. It can range from a simple instant messaging service or shared message board to complex software with web conferencing capability, with calendars for members for task scheduling, task flow management so that ...

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