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    Technology and PR

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    (1) Identify three examples of how technology has assisted in the dissemination of PR information globally.
    (2) Give 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of each example.

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    1. The information is spread instantaneously and widespread. This would be a good thing for people in need of information to protect themselves. It is also good for investors who need the information to protect their investments. It is a disadvantage in the dissemination is so swift and widespread that misinformation can accompany any information. The ability to maintain privacy about a problem or issue is nearly impossible in the world of the Internet, Twitter, and social media. A good example is the spread of information about the problems with toys from China and the paint issue or the dog food from China with the poison substance found in it. Millions of dogs were probably helped or saved with the information, but the company and its ...

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    A discussion on the use of technology in PR and the advantages and disadvantages of each example.