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    A Dream Project Turns Nightmare: How Flawless Software Neve

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    Read the Part III Discussion Case: A Dream Project Turns Nightmare: How Flawless Software Never Got Implemented . Type your answers to each of the following questions in a Word document. For each question, you should write a thorough answer at least 1-2 paragraphs long.

    1. What are the two main problems in this case?
    2. What are the factors affecting the problems in this case?
    3. Discuss the managerial, organization, and technological issues and resources in this case.
    4. What role do different players (decision makers) play in the overall planning, implementation, and management of IT applications?
    5. What are the possible alternatives, and pros and cons of each, for dealing with the problems related to this case?
    6. What recommendation would you make to management? Provide your arguments in support of your recommendation.

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