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    The Different Forms of Consulting

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    1. What is flawless consulting? What does the term authentic mean to you from a consultant's perspective, and how does it lead to flawless consulting?

    2. Briefly discuss the major differences between an internal versus external consultant. In what situations can each be most effective? Would you rather be an internal or external consultant? Explain your answer.

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    Flawless consulting, is the ability to effectively provide consultation services in a manner that will lead to the desired outcome for your client, in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Flawless consulting involves the ability of the consultant to effectively develop a relationship with the client that will foster an environment where the client is comfortable with communicating their problems and issues to the client in a detailed, yet amicable manner. Developing a cordial, respectful, and trusting relationship, with the client is one of the hallmarks of flawless consulting. In addition, flawless consulting will involve a smooth flow of information exchange and dialogue between the consultant and the client. During the exchange of information, the consultant can continuously provide feedback to the ...