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    Online Marketing Strategies

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    What determines the efficacy of online advertising? How is it different and how is it the same as the efficacy of more traditional forms of advertising? Explain and justify your answer. Consider using examples from the Internet to illustrate your points and include links to those materials.

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    Efficacy of online advertising is determined by the relevance of the message, the ability for viewers to recall the product or brand and appropriateness, for the target audience. If the message is not meaningful to the viewer, he or she will quickly navigate away from the message, if possible. An ad or message about home remodeling is not likely to be given much attention by renters.

    Online advertising must be presented in a manner that is memorable, just like print or television advertising. If an organization has used other methods to promote a product or ...

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    The expert determines the efficacy of online advertising. How it is different and how it is the same is determined.