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    Technological assistive devices

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    Describe an assistive device that has been developed for people with a specific physical disability. What physical limitations does this disability create? How does the device work to overcome these limitations? What risks are associated with this technology? What options were available to a person with this disability before the invention of this device?

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    Blind people were part of the mainstream for many years, but had difficulties in the use of technology because they cannot read the screens. Though there is a language for reading, Braille, this cannot be transferred to places that cannot be read by touch such as computers and handheld devices. Keyboards for typing and keypads for phones and other devices were available, but reading letters, memos, gaining information from online sources including libraries was impossible without a reader, usually hired and paid, to help.

    Computer speech programs changed this problem by creating a program that can read and speak written words from a variety of ...

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    A discussion on a specific assistive device used by someone with a physical disability. Device is a speech program.