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If you inoculate fresh Nutrient Broth with 100 cells of Escherichia coli

1. If you inoculate fresh Nutrient Broth with 100 cells of Escherichia coli and keep the culture at the optimal temperature of 37°C, assuming the generation time is 30 minutes, how many generations will take place after 7 hours? How many bacteria will be present? Will the number of bacteria continue to double every 30 min

Infection and Disease / Resistance and Immune System

1. Name the five classes of immunoglobulins and their functions. 2. Outline the types of immunity? Which type of immunity produces lifelong immunity? Which type of immunoglobulin is present with this type of immunity? 3. Name four bacterial and four viral diseases, covered in this chapter, for which a vaccine is curren

Immune System

1) Describe how the mammalian immune system responds to (i) a laceration, such as an injury from falling on a barbed-wire fence, and (ii) a viral infection. 2) Explain how the flu vaccination works and why it has a fairly low success rate.

Study questions: viruses, bacteria, diseases, etc.

41. Describe general characteristics of picornaviruses. 42. Define plaque, lawn of bacteria. 43. Define normal and transient microbiota. 44. Compare commensalism, mutualism, symbiosis, and parasitism, and give an example of each. 45. List Koch's postulates and the exceptions. 46. Categorize diseas

IgM levels in West Nile infections

Why does IgM increase by four fold with west nile virus between acute and four weeks later? Please explain the pathophysiology ie. complement system.

Are Viruses Alive?

Argue for or against the statement, "Viruses are alive." As before this is not an opinion question. State your position clearly: Yes, No or Don't Know and support your position with what you know about cells, living things and viruses. The internal structure of many protists is much more complex than that of cells of multi

Virus are alive

I am trying to figure out if the protists is engaged in more complex activities than the multicellular organism? I am looking at the difference

The Nature of Viruses - Are Viruses Alive?

Question: Are Viruses alive - is this a true statement? The internal structure of many protists is much more complex than that of cells of multi-cellular organisms. Does this mean that the protist is engaged in more complex activities than the multi-cellular organism? If not, why should the protistan cell be much more complicate

Reproduction and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Which of the following statements is NOT true of STDs? a. STDs are extremely widespread. b. STDs are easy to track. c. Billions of dollars are spent every year battling STDs. d. Most people are unaware of the risks and consequences of STDs. Of the 15 million new cases of STDs in the US every year, what percentage of these

Hepatitis A Virus Has Same RNA Nucleotide Bases ...

We are studying viruses and this was a questions our professor threw out for fun true or false: "The hepatitis A virus has the same RNA nucleotide bases as gorillas." I have read the chapter over and over and cannot figure out the answer and now I am curious to know the answer or how to figure out the answer.

Density Distribution of Viral DNA

A. Explain how the three density peaks in Figure 9-20 are related to replication of the injected DNA. Why is no 32P radioactivity associated with the light peak and why is no 3H radioactivity associated with the heavy peak? B. Does the injected DNA mimic the behaviour you would expect for the chromosomal DNA? C. Why do you thi

Case Study: What might have killed him?

I am going over a case study in a book, and am having a bit of difficulty solving this one scenario. Case A young-athletic man in his early 20's is helped into the hospital by his girlfriend. He is feverish and his breathing is labored. The symptoms began about 24 hours ago and seemed to worsen quickly. Triage nurse as


I'm writing a paper on SARS, and I was looking for information concerning the possible hiding location of SARS, it's mutation, and the various genes.