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    Viral infection

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    A researcher, studying two different viruses (A and B) that infect the same cell type, digests away all the protein and transfers the nucleic acid directly into the host cell. Only virus B causes the infection. This suggests:
    a) Virus A is likely to be a naked virus
    b) Virus A is likely to be an enveloped virus
    c) Virus A is likely to be a -ssRNA virus
    d) Virus A is likely to be a +ssRNA virus
    e) Virus A is likely to be a dsDNA virus

    Explain solution in detail please

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    Virus A must be a negative single strand RNA virus (C). While +ssRNAs and dsDNA viruses can use the cellular machinery to make more viruses, -ssRNA requires an RNA-dependent RNA ...

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    Short paragraph with web references to answer a multiple choice question determining the likely virus based on information given.