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    Correlation between the speed of a viral infection

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    Is there a correlation between the speed of a viral infection and its potential mortality? Explain.

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    There is a correlation between speed of viral infection and potential mortality. Nature selects those members of a population that can survive well and leave lots of progeny. This pertains to viruses too. Is there a universal recipe for reproductive success? No, different environments favor different traits. Therefore, if there is one particular environment, that will favor one particular strain, if there is another type of environment, another strain will be favored. In other words, the allele populations or frequencies within a population respond to environmental pressures. And they can shift when environmental conditions change.

    What good would it be for the virus to kill its host? Generally, no good...unless in so doing, it can easily spread to other hosts quickly. And that's the key. Death to the host (accompanied by rapidly and rampant replication of ...

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    The correction between the speed of a viral infection is analyzed.